r/SkyLine - Sorry for a lack of new pictures guys, the shop owner said it wasn’t for sale unless I was willing to spend 60k so I didn’t ask to see much more than the engine bay. The shop owner did mentioned he might have a lead on an r32 gtst. So I might be back with more updates on my search if this works out

r/shittymoviedetails - In Morbius 2 (2024), the Infinity Stones are now humans & help Morbius to search for evil search engines. When they thought they were 0 left, Morbius sees several hiding & says to one of the Stones "It's more Bing, Time!". This is a nod to the fact that all the variations of this joke have been made

r/einsstark - 6 Best Reverse Image Search Engines & Websites

r/reinforcementlearning - "Boosting Search Engines with Interactive Agents", Ciaramita et al 2022 {G} (MuZero & Decision-Transformer T5 for sequences of queries)

r/conspiracy - Alternative search engines & video sites to Google & You Tube

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r/conspiracy_commons - So your telling me that the World isn’t at all interested to know why Joe Biden is listed as Pedo Peter in Hunter Biden’s contact list? We have a Pedophile as President and the media and Search Engines are running cover. If this was Trump they would have immediately impeached him.

r/VRchat - I think it would be realy fun to image and model the interior of the Sherman Oaks Galleria, the classic 1980s shopping mall from every movie ever. Include arcade/pizzeria/clothes shops(avatar shop)/portals to other 80s worlds or renders. Thoughts?

r/rust - lnx 0.9, the fast search engines like Elasticsearch & Algolia alternative is out! + Tech Talk

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r/nintendo - Portal Companion Collection (Portal 1 & 2) in eShop today for $20 USD