How many shopping search engines are there? Even my influencer collaborators were surprised – and you will be, too. If you sell products online, expanding to additional marketplaces can really increase your income. The questions is, which marketplaces have the largest audiences? Which are the best fit for what you sell? Read on to find out

GoDataFeed published the results of their research this week in the form of
**this 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers infographic 
I first came across GoDataFeed years ago when I managed AdWords accounts for clients. Their capabilities were so impressive that I encouraged my clients to upgrade the way they fed products to shopping sites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Nextag and PriceGrabber

Unfortunately, we ran into an issue with the way Yahoo! Stores handles images. That didn’t change my opinion that what GoDataFeed was offering was beyond anything I had found anywhere else. I have no doubt using their service would greatly increase profits. Who better to research the ecommerce shopping landscape than the folks behind the leading product feed solution?
 Most Popular Comparison Shopping Engines 
Even if you have your own online store, don’t discount the idea of selling on other platforms. The question is which ones? While there may be niche markets you’ll need to research, if you want to know about the most popular larger comparison shopping engines, here they are:
- Nextag – #1 paid cmparison shopping engine by traffic, revenue, and Gross Merchandise Volume
- 30 million monthly unique visitors
- 80% of Nextag’s visitors are unique
- Polyvore – reach socially influential shoppers
- 20 million users
- 20% of social commerce is driven by Polyvore
- $383 average order value
- Wanelo – reaches millions of active shoppers through social connections with stores
- 50 minutes a day on average per user
- 50% saturation of college-age women
- Shopzilla – started off as Bizrate with merchant ratings
- No set-up fees
- Reaches a wide network of sites including Bizrate and AOL’s
- 12% of traffic generated by email marketing
- ShopSavvy – mobile application for shopping that scans products and finds stores that sell them
- Listings feel more like features than ads, making them highly effective
- 30% click-through rate (CTR)
- eBay Commerce Network – reaches shoppers beyond eBay on shopping portals, search engines, content sites and ad-exchanges
- 3x more shoppers than traditional search
- 77 million impressions every month
- Wish – personalized shopping platform that uses demographics, purchase behavior, and wishlists to reach customers
- 250, 000 products recommended daily
- 10 million products added to wishlists daily
- Pricegrabber – network of sites reaching 26 countries worldwide
- $1 billion in annual sales for third-party vendors
- 100 million consumers reached across 26 countries
- RedLaser – arms shoppers with the world’s fastest, most accurate barcode-scanner for comparison shopping
- Barcode reader, shopping assistant, and QR scanner
- 2.4 million monthly unique visitors
- Become – “browse, discover, and buy”
- Global reach spans 500+ shopping sites in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Japan
- “A smaller
ShoppingEngine, Becomeimpressively beat out both Nextag and The Ebay Commerce Network with 18 percent COS” ~ “Mary Weinstein, Search Engine Watch ~
These aren’t all of the shopping comparison search engines – just the most popular. Be sure to look for niche engines used by your target audience

All of the data above is also on the infographic below. It also includes the most popular mobile shopping apps, the best places to buy product listing ads. and the top marketplaces – sites like Amazon, eBay, my personal favorite Newegg, and others you probably never heard of that have huge audiences of buyers who could be your customer, too

I bet you don’t know about all the sites mentioned. If you do, tell us in the comments and include what you do for a living and a link to your site. I’ll add you to this post

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