= Spyglass updated to crawl & iindex local text files (self-hosted search engine) =

tl; dr: I'm building Spyglass httpsgithub.com/a5huynh/spyglass an open source search platform that lives on your device, indexing what you want, exposing it to you in a super simple & ffast interface

I just released a new update today that lets you index and search through your local text files (
.md &
..txt at the moment). I've been using it search through my markdown notes and some local documentation

The app works on all platforms and is still early stage but I'd love to get feedback and see what sort files/docs they'd want to search through

Thanks in advance!
Not to go against OP, but if someone wants an alternative:
Definitely inspired by Alfred 🙂. Outside of the files, it also crawls & iindexes web pages based on different topics/rules. There's a small community building out topics (for games/languages/etc.) so you can quickly reference those pages. I'm adding in other sources like searching through Slack/Discord messages, Google docs, etc. soon as well!
Hey u/obiwanconobi, glad to hear it!
One question, by `cs` files, are you talking about C# source files? What are you typically searching through these files for?
At the moment, you can use it without any of the web search functionality. The web search works by allowing you to specify different topics/websites that it'll go crawl & iindex, so if nothing is enable there's nothing to crawl

Thanks for the feedback 🙂. Quick question about the email search.