= Any uncompromised search engines / apps? The “deletion of the internet” / censoring of search results by google, duck duck go and the rest I believe is the single biggest, and most underrated, threat we face right now. =

DuckDuckGo is especially insidious as they present themselves as an uncensored alternative to Google

The inability to access uncensored information is devastating to the truth movement. Are there any uncensored search apps or browsers at all, that exist at the moment? Thanks

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not a search engine but bitchute doesn’t censor much, unfortunately Reddit censors it and won’t let you link to it. Or to Zerohedge either. I’m sure there are many others they banned
Used DuckDuckGo for a good while until they started manipulating results a few months ago. Tried many after that and still haven't found one that doesn't tailor search results to fit political narratives. Using Brave until one comes out since it's at least the best on privacy, and search results from it don't start mysteriously appearing as targeted ads in other apps

All surface layer internet is filtered to some degree..

But if there's a will there's a way. Good post op

Technocrats did a great job at pushing most web traffic to mobile devices and then have users install "apps" rather than visit websites. This was then further exacerbated with search engine monopolization that couldand restrict search results

The end result is a monopolized walled garden and the death of an organic internet

Make a subreddit where people post all sorts of random facts, theories, etc etc and then remove yourself as mod so there is no censorship unless Reddit admins decide to poke around

Until that happens, people can search that sub and get all sorts of angles for each query

Presearch at least collates it's search from all the engines, while having a distributed server setup. They'll give you a crypto token for the ad economy, but there's a ton of hurdles before you'll ever see any value from it so far

What happened to Duck Duck Go? That was the primary browser I used as I thought it was reliable, “safe” from the censorship bs and you could find factual sources 
No, they’ve been compromised for a long time. No better than Google at this point. Worse, actually. Because people think they are legit but they are not

There is and always has been only one way for any resistance movement to know when free speech has been completely eliminated

When you can no longer download childand that bridge was crossed years ago because the Feds uploaded childtodown free speech

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