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r/shittymoviedetails - In Morbius 2 (2024), the Infinity Stones are now humans & help Morbius to search for evil search engines. When they thought they were 0 left, Morbius sees several hiding & says to one of the Stones "It's more Bing, Time!". This is a nod to the fact that all the variations of this joke have been made

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r/GGPokerCommunity - KITTY KUO AMA❗️Natural 8’s Kitty Kuo has $2.6M+ in tourney winnings, plus multiple WSOP & WPT Final Table appearances. She’s also been making a big Twitter noise lately in her very public search for a BOYFRIEND 😂❗️Thurs, Aug 4, 1700 UTC. Poker, travel, shopping, boyfriends. ASK HER ANYTHING❗️

r/conspiracy - Any uncompromised search engines / apps? The “deletion of the internet” / censoring of search results by google, duck duck go and the rest I believe is the single biggest, and most underrated, threat we face right now.