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There was a great post on Quora about how their website was developed which seems to have gotten lost in all the chaff which pervades that site these days

Here's an article which speaks to some of what is so great about the site:
This article discusses what an improvement the current design is:
And here's one discussing the adding of a new feature:
McMaster-Carr was a godsend for me, a fresh ME out of college at their first job who needed to learn the names of ton fasteners and hardware

For me too, and I always have this dread that someday they may decide to take the models down, put limits or just go out of business. Is there a repository with all their downloaded models?
This is all familiar except MiSUMi. They look like McMaster for automation. Am I right?
Misumi has lots of part number configurable parts. Need a 9.78mm locating pin with a 6mm shank, hardened and nitride coated with an internal thread? There’s a part number for that and the low volume pricing will be pretty good

You know whatmy old company used msc. I search for part in McMaster and then I insert McMaster PN into msc to order. Reallyand smart for MSc to do that but my company had a relationship with MSc and would not order from McMaster

I have no issues buying from either, but I like that I have a personalized shopping cart and login for MSC. I can search past companylook up tracking, and send the cart right to purchasing

MSC is good for things I need/want a name brand for. If I want to get a Haimer tool holder I know I am getting exactly the one out of the catalog I want, or a specific MA Ford carbide endmill. With Mcmaster it is more of aon brands, but I get it tomorrow

Anytime someone talks about how fast Amazon shipping is, I just think about how McMaster-carr was doing 2 day or less years before I used Amazon. Then I moved to Atlanta and it was sometimes same day shipping. Absolutely the best

Honestly, I like the books for just looking around, or looking for related products. I always find something interesting. But if I'm on a mission, or I know what I want, the web indexes are just faster. And I can oull the CAD files

I use McMaster-Carr for getting knife steel because they are both reliable and their prices aren’t bad. Also used them to get a lot of hardware for stuff
I've been doing CAD work for literally decades. So I'm a bit older than that

You don't have to take everything so seriously

This is a forum for CAD professionals to act like 12 year olds. FTFY

Let people have their on-topic fun

Did you know that some CAD professionals have a sense of humor? Radical concept, I know

You'll find thousands of CAD professionals who have downloaded CAD files from McMaster at one point in time or another.