= Sorry for a lack of new pictures guys, the shop owner said it wasn’t for sale unless I was willing to spend 60k so I didn’t ask to see much more than the engine bay. The shop owner did mentioned he might have a lead on an r32 gtst. So I might be back with more updates on my search if this works out =

Following on from this thread OP is in Japan, unless I'm mistaken. So am I, and Euro stuff can be a pretty good deal here

For example, I picked up my daily driver through an auction here not too long back. 2013 B8.5 Audi S4 with less than 100k on it, no issues at all with the car. Cost me $10k (actually, even less now, considering the weak yen). These too can be tuned to over 400hp with breathing mods, supercharger pulley swap and stage 1 tune. Pretty good value for money

60k is adeal if you dont know whats broken, condition of engine, floor, mileage and more. Unless you have way too much money and dont know how to spend it, this could be a deeeep money pit. Good Luck finding interior parts

Gtst wont loose value. They almost doubled their price in the last years. And americans buy every shitbox they can find, good cars become less and less in japan, and especially the turbo skylines wont loose value.