= NONE of the first three results contain the word "dot", while the fourth result contains "dots above" and indeed what I was looking for. This behaviour of search engines just ignoring your search terms is really annoying. Artificial intelligence my! =

I'm guessing the first few results would have answered your question too. You're looking for the meaning of a guitar tab symbol and the first few results cover the meanings of guitar tab symbols. The AI was able to take "Dot over lines" and understand you're describing a guitar tab symbol and return results relevant to that. In the past you would have probably had to change your search entirely because the results would be something totally different from what you're looking for

There are plenty of times when Google gets it totally wrong, but this doesn't look like one of them

Even better is "allintitle:" or "intitle Then it will only return pages containing the specific word in its title (which is super important to OP for some reason)
Did you actually check the content of the result pages or are you saying the snippet doesn't contain dot? If you expect snippets to always contain all the words, your expectation is impossible to meet in a reasonable way

Also, do you have any extension that blocks quick answer section in the result page? I get the answer right away from Google: httpsimgur.com/a/6DSJJKG
A different syntax may have gotten you what you're looking for. I tried "guitar tab symbol dot above note" and it was the first result httpsimgur.com/JhIVZlR.jpg
What search engine in the late 90's / early 00's would've understood OP's question at all? Late 90's Google or AltaVista would've returned pages about the
*meaning* of life, not understanding that OP is asking "What does this thing mean?" To actually find what they were looking for, you'd need to sprinkle in aof
+ and
- and such. And there's a still chance you'd have to go to the second or third
*page* of results, instead of complaining that you had to *scroll down.*
There's nothing new about this OP has made a really poorly constructed search and it did it's best. If you search 9 words you'll get lots of varied results. You can put quotes around the most important word(s) to get better results, but that wasn't done

How do you find anything then? Tips? Also why are you being downvoted for expressing the truth?
Reason why I put “Reddit” at the end of most things I google. Idk what’s happened recently but googles been a pain the. Just ads orthat’s barely related to what I googled
In the first result the third word in the snippet is "dotted", so it does contain the word dot

NONE of the first three results contain the word "dot"
Uh. Third word of the first result is "dotted."
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Not everything is on the internet. If a couple of 7-11s sold pipes for a little while 20 years before the public internet, there may not be anyone who thought to discuss it online. Or it may have been an obscure old Usenet post that no algorithm would normally frontpage, or a forum thatdown 15 years ago.