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r/SkyLine - Sorry for a lack of new pictures guys, the shop owner said it wasn’t for sale unless I was willing to spend 60k so I didn’t ask to see much more than the engine bay. The shop owner did mentioned he might have a lead on an r32 gtst. So I might be back with more updates on my search if this works out

r/librarians - How do WorldCat & Library of Congress search engines and collections compare?

r/google - NONE of the first three results contain the word "dot", while the fourth result contains "dots above" and indeed what I was looking for. This behaviour of search engines just ignoring your search terms is really annoying. Artificial intelligence my ass!

r/rust - lnx 0.9, the fast search engines like Elasticsearch & Algolia alternative is out! + Tech Talk

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r/searchengines - Anyone know any decent search engines that exclude social media and shopping results?