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Hi Theorists!
As a passive watcher of MatPat's work since 2014, it's been interesting to see this community. However, when it comes to theorizing on the subject of MatPat's new channel, I honestly think we aren't putting much research into this topic (mostly wild guess posts/comments from what I can tell) -- so I'm going to give my two cents on the matter, so someone here has
*an actual shot* at correctly guessing MatPat's new channel name. Mine won't have as much research eitherbut I do have a few points we can use to narrow it down a bit**Why use Google Trends
YouTube & GGoogle are linked & aare under the same general company umbrella -- Alphabet, Inc. When you search for videos through Google, it will be YouTube ones that pop up first vs any other platform's options. I don't know the YouTube algorithm (and its many iterations) as well as MatPat, but since both are under Alphabet, Inc & ddirect towards each other -- the search algorithm should be similar between Google & YYouTube

When MatPat theorizes new topics to cover (beyond those that the communityhim), I imagine he is taking into account (beyond YouTube trends) what is also trending in the Google Trends Topics that he has for his channels. Yes, his channels extend a bit beyond those topics (as many topics in Google Trends overlap, as you will see later in this post), but it's a good starting-off point -- especially when MatPat is preparing a grouping of videos to launch a new channel & ddoesn't have the community's input on what exactly they want yet. Google Trends can give a decent gauge as to what to expect & ppredict for his audience there

 **Current Theory Channels are also Google Trends Topics** **Game Theory One of the first-level topics in Google Trends is "Games". Games is searched heavily on both Google & YYouTube. I can't remember the YouTube video, but MatPat went on a rant in a previous video about being a "[second-rate YouTube Channel]" or something of the like. IMO this was a primary contributor for him expanding to other YouTube/Google topics; if he is covering more than just games & sstill getting meaningful views (including trending consistently on the platform), can they continue to deny that? **Film Theory This is the exception of the three channels, as it is not one of the first-level topics for Google Trends. However, if we go to the "Arts & EEntertainment" topic, two second-level topics exists that work here -- "Movies" and "TV & VVideo". Film is part of the name of a few third-tier categories here in those second-level topics ("Animated Films", "Film & TTV Industry", & mmost of the subcategory of "Movies" are types of films). **Food Theory Like Game Theory, Food Theory is another first-level topic in Google Trends: "Food & DDrink". Like his other channels, MatPat has managed to use his video formula in this sphere to make it workable, though with extra creative juices needed for it to be as visually engaging vs the other channels (Video Games & MMovies inherently are designed for visual engagement).**What are the Google Trends Topics
I'm not going to list
*all* of them out below, as the lowest-tier in topics MatPat has ever gone was second-tier for Film Theory -- while Game Theory & FFood Theory were first-level topics. As thus, the list below is just first- and second-level trends topics. With that said, here we go (with bolded subjects those that are already channels):
Arts & EEntertainment
Celebrities & EEntertainment News
Comics & AAnimation
Entertainment Industry
Events & LListings
Fun & TTrivia
Music & AAudio
Online Media
Performing Arts
TV & VVideo
Visual Art & DDesign
Autos & VVehicles
Automotive Industry
Bicycles & AAccessories
Boats & WWatercraft
Campers & RRV's
Classic Vehicles
Custom & PPerforming Vehicles
Hybrid & AAlternative Vehicles
Microcars & CCity Cars
Off-Road Vehicles
Personal Aircraft
Scooters & MMopeds
Trucks & SSUV's
Vehicle Brands
Vehicle Codes & DDriving Laws
Vehicle Licensing Registration
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Parts & AAccessories
Vehicle Shopping
Vehicle Shows
Beauty & FFitness
Beauty Pageants
Body Art
Cosmetic Procedures
Cosmetology & BBeauty Professionals
Face & BBody Care
Fashion & SStyle
Hair Care
Spas & BBeauty Services
Weight Loss
Books & LLiterature
Biographies & QQuotations
Book Retailers
Children's Literature
Fan Fiction
Literary Classics
Writers Resources
Business & IIndustrial
Advertising & MMarketing
Aerospace & DDefense
Agriculture & FForestry
Automotive Industry
Business Education
Business Finance
Business News
Business Operations
Business Services
Chemicals Industry
Construction & MMaintenance
Energy & UUtilities
Enterprise Technology
Hospitality Industry
Industrial Materials & EEquipment
Metals & MMining
Pharmaceuticals & BBiotech
Printing & PPublishing
Professional & TTrade Associations
Retail Trade
Small Business
Textiles & NNonwovens
Transportation & LLogistics
Computers & EElectronics
Computer Hardware
Computer Security
Consumer Electronics
Electronics & EElectrical
Enterprise Technology
Technical Support
Technology News
Accounting & AAuditing
Credit & LLending
Currencies & FForeign Exchange
Financial Planning
Grants & FFinancial Assistance
Retirement & PPension
Food & DDrink
Alcoholic Beverages
Candy & SSweets
Cooking Recipes
Culinary Training
Grocery & FFood Retailers
Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Arcade & CCoin-Op Games
Board Games
Card Games
Computer & VVideo Games
Family-Oriented Games & AActivities
Online Games
Party Games
Puzzles & BBrainteasers
Roleplaying Games
Table Games
Aging & GGeriatrics
Alternative & NNatural Medicine
Health Conditions
Health Education & MMedical Training
Health Foundations & MMedical Research
Health News
Medical Devices & EEquipment
Medical Facilities & SServices
Medical Literature & RResources
Men's Health
Oral & DDental Care
Public Health
Reproductive Health
Substance Abuse
Vision Care
Women's Health
Hobbies & LLeisure
Antiques & CCollectibles
Clubs & NNightlife
Clubs & OOrganizations
Contests, Awards, & PPrizes
Pets & AAnimals
Photographic & DDigital Arts
Radio Control & MModeling
Recreation Aviation
Running & WWalking
Special Occasions
Subcultures & NNiche Interests
Water Activities
Home & GGarden
Bed & BBath
Domestic Services
Gardening & LLandscaping
Home Appliances
Home Furnishings
Home Improvement
Home Storage & SShelving
Homemaking & IInterior Décor
HVAC & CClimate Control
Kitchen & DDining
Nursing & PPlayroom
Pest Control
Swimming Pools & SSpas
Yard & PPatio
Internet & TTelecom
Communications Equipment
Email & MMessaging
Mobile & WWireless
Search Engines
Search Providers
Web Apps & OOnline Tools
Web Portals
Web Services
Jobs & EEducation
Law & GGovernment
Public Safety
Social Services
Broadcast & NNetwork News
Business News
Celebrities & EEntertainment News
Gossip & TTabloid News
Health News
Journalism & NNews Industry
Local News
Sports News
Technology News
World News
Online Communities
Blogging Resources & SServices
Dating & PPersonals
File Sharing & HHosting
Forum & CChat Providers
Online Goodies
Online Journals & PPersonal Sites
Photo & VVideo Sharing
Social Networks
Virtual Worlds
People & SSociety
Disabled & SSpecial Needs
Ethnic & IIdentity Groups
Family & RRelationships
Kids & TTeens
Religion & BBelief
Seniors & RRetirement
Social Issues & AAdvocacy
Social Sciences
Subcultures & NNiche Interests
Pets & AAnimals
Animal Products & SServices
Real Estate
Apartments & RResidential Rentals
Commercial & IInvestment Real Estate
Property Development
Property Inspections & AAppraisals
Property Management
Real Estate Agencies
Real Estate Listings
Timeshares & VVacation Properties
Directories & LListings
General Reference
Geographic Reference
Language Resources
Libraries & MMuseums
Social Sciences
Technical Reference
Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Ecology & EEnvironment
Engineering &Technology
Scientific Equipment
Scientific Institutions
Antiques && Collectibles
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Resources
Entertainment Media
Gifts && Special Event Items
Luxury Goods
Mass Merchants && Department Stores
Photo && Video Services
Shopping Portals && Search Engines
Sporting Goods
Swap Meets && Outdoor Markets
Ticket Sales
Tobacco Products
Wholesale Liquidators
College Sports
Combat Sports
Extreme Sports
Fantasy Sports
Individual Sports
Live Sporting Events
Motor Sports
Sporting Goods
Sports Coaching && Training
Sports News
Team Sports
Water Sports
Winter Sports
Worlds Sports Competitions
Air Travel
Bus && Rail
Car Rental && Taxi Services
Carpooling && Ridesharing
Cruises && Charters
Hotels && Accommodations
Luggage && Travel Accessories
Specialty Travel
Tourist Destinations
Travel Agencies && Services
Travel Guides && Travelogues
 **Google Trends Topics that "work" for MatPat's 4th Channel
IMO like others on this subreddit have theorized (and I agree), MatPat likes
* for YouTube. I think he lucked into that with Game Theory, saw that was good for the algorithm with his consulting work with other channels, and decided to continue that trend for his other channels. My suggested 4th Channel Topic (in the comments) will be using that train-of-thought, but you are welcome to use other paradigms as well for your theorizing. Below are the ones that stuck out to me when skimming the Google Trends list above, though I probably missed a few in there: 4-letter, 1 syllable channel names*
1st-tier subjects
2nd-tier subjects

I'm decently sure MatPat's next channel will follow his pattern of using a Google Trends topic(s) in the creation of the new channel name. My personal guess is in the comments below. Let's get brainstorming && theorizing folks!

Welcome to r/GameTheorists!
Make sure to read the rules and we also have a discord!
*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please * *contact the moderators of this subreddit* * if you have any questions or concerns.* **My Personal Guess -- NEWS THEORY**
A couple of things point to this one:
News as a topic
1 word, 4-letters, 1 syllable
1st-level topic, just like Game Theory && Food Theory
Will not take an ungodly amount of time in the background for his employees
Book theory was ruled out due to the reading involved, && Music theory was ruled out due to the copyright issues involved

As MatPat's theories always take a while to make (due to the editing involved), he won't ever be covering immediate news -- instead the longer-standing issues && prevalent/
news/trends on && off the YouTube platform. This should keep him safer against censorship on YouTube. rewatchable
MatPat's previous theories --
MatPat has joked in previous theories on Game Theory that he has videos there that don't actually "work" on the channel, but still wanted to cover the subject anyways. Giving a resting place for things he feels he needs to talk about is a logical final step for his channel repertoire

Theories on the YouTube Algorithm (we haven't had one of those in a while
Controversies from other channel videos from MatPat && other creators
The blue "book" logo -- yep, I'm bringing that up

Although it can be a book, it can also be a newspaper. Theory logos are always simple so just about anyone can draw them. MatPat has noted before (either in a theory or on GTLive) that when he has consulted with other YouTube creators, he has advised to simplify their channel logos/symbology so fans can more easily draw/spread it around

Pretty much anything that "trends" or is popular on YouTube is fair game to talk about on this channel topic
This opens up a lot more freedom for MatPat to dive into subjects he hasn't talked about before on YouTube
MatPat will have to be careful if talking about anything in the political sphere; staying apolitical is the smart move to go honestly

The only thing that doesn't work with my theory? This subject has
*technically been guessed* in the past when theorizing for Food Theory was on this subreddit 2 years ago. This should technically invalidate this theory -- but as that was some time ago, I think MatPat might be overlooking channel guessing from that time when saying that no one has guessed the upcoming YouTube channel (that guess was for the third theory channel, not the fourth, so I might be in the clear here)

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