r/google - NONE of the first three results contain the word "dot", while the fourth result contains "dots above" and indeed what I was looking for. This behaviour of search engines just ignoring your search terms is really annoying. Artificial intelligence my ass!

r/GameTheorists - 4th Theory Channel will be a Google Trends Topic

r/selfhosted - Spyglass updated to crawl & index local text files (self-hosted search engine)

r/GGPokerCommunity - KITTY KUO AMA❗️Natural 8’s Kitty Kuo has $2.6M+ in tourney winnings, plus multiple WSOP & WPT Final Table appearances. She’s also been making a big Twitter noise lately in her very public search for a BOYFRIEND 😂❗️Thurs, Aug 4, 1700 UTC. Poker, travel, shopping, boyfriends. ASK HER ANYTHING❗️

r/shittymoviedetails - In Morbius 2 (2024), the Infinity Stones are now humans & help Morbius to search for evil search engines. When they thought they were 0 left, Morbius sees several hiding & says to one of the Stones "It's more Bing, Time!". This is a nod to the fact that all the variations of this joke have been made

r/ResearchML - "Boosting Search Engines with Interactive Agents", Ciaramita et al 2022 {G} (MuZero & Decision-Transformer T5 for sequences of queries)

DJJ Search | DJJ search engine, content portal, news aggregator

r/VRchat - I think it would be realy fun to image and model the interior of the Sherman Oaks Galleria, the classic 1980s shopping mall from every movie ever. Include arcade/pizzeria/clothes shops(avatar shop)/portals to other 80s worlds or renders. Thoughts?

r/sistrix - Google Shopping Search Discover Filter For Black, Women, Veteran & Latino Owned Businesses

r/ReputationDefender - Take Control of Your Identity and, Secure Your Reputation & Private Information Online with Defamation Defenders's IRMA Online Privacy Website Removal Services. Service to Remove Personal Information from Data Brokers, Criminal Background Check Sites, and Internet Search Engines

r/pankuku_official - You can search for clothing, gift cards, beauty & health, automotive, electronics, baby & kids products, and more on the internet? KUKU Shop is the best online e-commerce shopping website Download our KUKU Mobile App on the Google Play store