Hi! I have a dog from the streets that I've taught how to walk on the treadmill


It's kind of Border Collie, I dunno how much time should him walk in the treadmill   

Note: Hi takes walks outside, it isn't the only exercise he does. It's just that during weeks I don't have enough time to get him out the enough amount of time
The treadmill is probably fine as an occasional solution (which it sounds like is how you’re using it) but if you overuse it you may get a stronger, more athletic dog that is still not worn out because he hasn’t gotten theenrichment he needs

On days you can’t walk him outside, try and do someenrichment. Scatter treats in your yard or teach him nosework or agility or treibball. Do some training exercises or incorporate training into fetch so he has to work his. Maybe pair that with the treadmill but you’ll see him get tired a lot faster if he gets to work his.