CarsIndia r/CarsIndia 6 Posted by3 months ago = XUV 500 w6 infotainment system upgrade / change = Hi, My XUV 500 W6 ( 2018 model) has the basic infotainment system with software ver 10 supporting only Android Auto. Wanted to upgrade to a system with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Please share suggestions, costs and experiences esp in NCR 80% Upvoted no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! == About Community == Discuss car and other automobile news here. 🚗 🇮🇳 Auto enthusiasts discuss sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, motor racing etc in India here on reddit. Any automobile that moves on four wheels can be discussed here. Bikes related discussion is not allowed here 9.8k Members 38 Online Created Oct 26, 2012 == Similar to this post == r/destiny2Xûr after selling the OG trials set95%174May 14 r/DestinyTheGameXur should sell faction shaders92%45May 16 r/tasmotaHX711 load sensor + Tasmota - sanity check100%241/28/2021 r/civCiv VI Mac crashing since June 2020 Update100%766/28/2020 r/obgynXulane patch & thyroid medication - absorption issues or ok?100%8May 25 r/CarsIndiaSaw this beauty near me home today(Delhi)99%466d r/CarsIndiaAre memes allowed here?99%263d r/CarsIndiadifferent types of eggs88%706d r/CarsIndiagot drenched in rain for this prancing horse, was totally93%372d r/CarsIndiaGot my Harrier96%505d r/CarsIndiaService center hacks99%361d r/CarsIndiaMade this 2009 model feel a little new with DRLs. Finding98%171d r/CarsIndiatoyota corolla is back and this time as a hybrid95%1221h r/CarsIndiaOwners of cars over 1 cr, are you not afraid of taking96%473d r/CarsIndiaWhat AMG is this again?98%193d Reddit Inc © 2022. All rights reserved