= WIP: Main body armour finished! Wanted to stick pretty close to the OG colour scheme with just a bit more flair. Used a mix of pearl, metallic and gloss paints for her. Planning to use a colour shift green on her exterior. Still have to shade/highlight skin and hair too. For now, time to decal! =

I did! I painted thewith gloss black and the greys are metallic charcoal black. All paints from Zurc!
Wow! She looks really good! I'm sure the finished build will be amazing!
Wow, this knight is actually surprised you managed to mostly keep that striking as allgreen of hers after converting it to metallic. Usually folks don't bother trying to retain the striking aesthetic of neon colors. Do you remember the exact paints you used for that?
Regardless, good stuff. A good example of not having to stray away from the original color scheme to make something look rather striking

Thank you! I initially intended to give her a complete overhaul and give her a more “ninetails fox” kind of aesthetic.. but then I managed to get my hands on a not-too-severely scalped Asra Nine Tails. After that I decided to keep them in their original colour scheme because they complement each other (the green on tamamo vs the purple on kyuubi and the black vs

Also my favourite colour is green and the striking neon green of the original plastic was almost hard to let go haha

I used aprimer for the base and then did 3-4 coats of Zurc Pearl Lime + gloss topcoat. All the colours I used are from Zurc’s range of pre mixed acrylics (Pearlpearl lime, flatmetallic charcoal black, glossy black) Zurc paints have been so good to work with! Oh and I also used Tamiya gold leaf

I am a sucker for color shift and metallics. I didn't plan on doing that for any of my MD but now, I have ideas

Yesssss do it! Show us all when you’re done too heh. With my gunpla I usually go flat coats/paints and a bit of metallics but for some reason glossy fun colours seem so appropriate for the MD line
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