When Desta travels to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for worka place that comes with emotional familial tieshe meets Elias, the literal perfect man. The doctoral student is working towards a future where he can finally be himself. The two quickly fall for one another as they travel across Ethiopia

When grief gives her a terrible case of writer's block, Grace's agenther to her home in Tuscany to find inspiration. Enter Claudio, a sexy single father who is irresistibleand off limits. (He's her agent's ex)

While on vacation, an assistant principal loses her bikini top during a dip in the ocean. She's saved from embarrassment by Lucas, a former tennis pro and trainer at the resort. A steamy summer romance blossoms, but an age difference, a time-limit, and long distance are all strikes against their future

The fruit in Fiona's mango farm is sour for the first time in a century. The reason? She doesn't have a husband or kids, and family legend says the woman who watches over the farm must have both. Enter Greg, the younger brother of Fiona's best friend whose longstanding crush soon turns into something more

In this historical 20th century summer romance that takes place in a fictional island in the Spanish Caribbean, we meet Emilia and Ruben. She writes a popular (and scandalous) serial under a pseudonym, and he edits a gossip paper and is determined to uncover her identity

Writers January Andrews and Augustus Everett are complete opposites. She's a bestselling romance novelist and he pens acclaimed literary fiction. But two things they do have in common? They're neighbors for the summer and they both have writers block. They make a deal in the hopes that'll inspire them to be more creativebut their pact also ends up leading them into a passionate romance

Adapted into an Oscar-winning film co-starring Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer, against the backdrop of Italy, this legendary romance explores the hidden love of a teenage boy named Elio and an alluring doctoral student serving as his father's intern

While in recovery from an eating disorder, social media influencer Sara Vance heads out on a Florida family vacation with her seemingly perfect siblings. But when her boyfriend bails on the trip, she recruits Luis to play the part as her fiancand he has a complicated family of his own

In this heartbreakingly beautiful love story, Georgia can't help but fall for her small Utah town's black sheep: Moses Wright. But as their attraction grows, they become ensconced in rumors after Moses's mysterious magical ability gets him implicated in a local tragedy

After writer Nikole Paterson awkwardly rejects her boyfriend's scoreboard proposal at Dodgers Stadium, she's saved from embarrassment by the sexy doctor Carlos Ibarra. You can imagine what happens next

Known to many as the master of YA summer romance, Dessen introduces us to Macy, who unexpectedly finds herself working at Wish Catering for the summer. Soon her careful plans unravel, particularly when she meets the irresistible Wes

In the first novel in To All the Boys I've Loved Before writer Jenny Han's acclaimed Summer series, Belly returns for yet another beach house summer with Conrad and Jeremiah. But unlike the years before, the two boys actually look at Belly in that wayand it changes everything

The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
Adapted into the 1995 romantic drama that earned Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination, The Bridges of Madison County follows true love that came too late, when '60s housewife Francesca falls into a torrid four-day affair with photographer Robert Kincaid

After both suffer incredible loss, Kalei Preston and Xander Neil unknowingly both return to their beloved beach townfilled with nostalgiato heal. But when they run into each other, old memories and feelings from teenage summers come rushing back

Twenty years after a rocky divorce, single mother Lisa Hawley is finally living a fulfilled life as a boutique owner in Nantucket. When her home needs repairs, she seeks the help of the charismatic local contractor who's 10 years her junior

Brilliant and successful, Khai Diep processes emotions differently because of his autism. Frustrated by his lack of a romantic life, Khai'stakes matters into her own hands and finds him a wife from Vietnam

Infamous London bachelor Kit Butler strikes a deal with Miss Lauren Edgeworth, who was left at the altar a year before. She'll pretend to be his fiancé if he shows her an unforgettable summer. But Kit unexpectedly begins to fall in love

The first novel in the 12-part Rosemary Beach series follows Blair Wynn, who's forced to move in with her father's family in Florida after her mother's death. This is how she meets her new stepbrother Rush Finlay, the spoiled son of a rock star who ends up to be way more than he seems

Originally published in 1979, Summer's End is one of the first of Steel's hundreds of novels. It tells the story of Deanna, a 37-year-old woman who seems to have the perfect life with her French attorney husband of 20 years, a beautiful home in San Francisco, and a teenage daughter. But one summer awakens Deanna to the realities of her failed relationship

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