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# The 48 Most Romantic Gifts to Give the Love of Your Life
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Shopping for romantic gifts for your significant other is such a breeze, right? (Not always and that's okay!) No matter how close you are with them, it's alright to not know what to give your partner for their birthday, holidays, your anniversary or just because. Wanting to find something as special as they are can be a lot of pressure. Thankfully, we're here to help. We've sourced the best romantic gift ideas out there regardless of their love language. From cute tokens of your affection to precious jewelry presents and sexy lingerie, there are many different routes you can take to show someone you care. Just keep scrolling to find the most romantic gifts that say "I love you" without words. (
*Psst*, if you're looking for romantic couples gifts, there are some great options in here, too.) **1. A Collection of Date Night Journals**
What could be more romantic than promising to spend more time together?
*The Adventure Challenge* makes it easy, offering up fun new ideas that'll keep your calendarwith dates for months. This set will keep you and your boo entertained from morning through night. It includes their signature *Couples Edition *book, plus their *In Bed* version, so you can connect over fun adventures and in the bedroom. Trust us, this romance gift will keep on giving for a long time to come. Best of all, use code THEKNOT10 for 10% off sitewide. **2. A Meaningful Necklace**
Jewelry can be an incredibly thoughtful present for any occasion, whether you're shopping for a romantic Valentine's Day gift or something for your spouse's birthday. This particular necklace is doubly sweet, thanks to the heart-shaped design and engraved initials. As well as including each of your initials, you can add on up to three mini heart charms with the initials of your children

**3. A Romantic Map of the Stars**

Using the details of a meaningful time and place, Twinkle In Time is able to create a snapshot of the starry night sky from an important moment in your lives. Commemorate the day you first met, when you got engaged, the day you said "I do the options are endless. Once you have the date and thus location, choose the color, map shape (perhaps a heart) and add a sweet personal message alongside the coordinate details. This unique romantic gift comes as a paper print or framed

## 4. Kissing Mugs For Breakfast Together
As far as romantic gifts for couples go, this is one of our favorites. Wake up with a smooch from your loved one and your coffee mugs can do the same. The ceramic set is made to look like two faces kissing and the handles form a heart. Surprise your S.O. with breakfast in bed served alongside a steaming cup of joe in the new cups

## 5. A Fairytale-Inspired Keepsake
Looking for a birthday gift for someone you love? The Forever Rose has some beautiful keepsakes to choose from, including a collection of roses inspired by each month's birthstone. It's a real rose preserved and plated in copper. The everlasting flower is then displayed in a fairytale-style cloche, which you can engrave with a heartfelt note. "Beauty and the Beast" fans will especially appreciate this one

## 6. A Spicy Art Kit
This cheeky gift will bring a healthy dose of romance and adventure to the bedroom. With canvas and (non-toxic) paint, couples can make one-of-a-kind art capturing the beauty of intimacyno matter what that means to them. That's one way to spice things up between the sheetsand fill any blank walls in the home!
## 7. A Matching Underwear Subscription
Matching couples underwear is easily one of the most fun gift ideas on our list. It's a sweet way to twin with each other and it's top secret between the two of you. Strangely romantic, right?
## 8. A Relationship Strengthening Card Game
No matter how long you've been with your partner, there's always more to learn about each other. Spark new conversations with this fun couple's card game. It has 150 prompts related to life, your relationship, intimacy and more to help build a healthy, happy and lasting connection

## 9. "You're My Person" Candle
If you need a loving gift for a "Grey's Anatomy" fan, this is just the thing to show them how much they mean to you. The soy candle with a cotton wick comes in a reusable black glass vessel labeled with the iconic phrase, "You're my person." Choose a scent that best captures your partner's tastes like mango guava, musky amber or rose

## 10. A Way to Hold Hands in Cold Weather
These hand-holding mittens are a cute, romantic gift for your other half who loves to take a stroll outdoors no matter the weather. The two-in-one mitten set is designed specifically for couples, so you never have to risk frostbite to grab your partner's hand. Don't worry, the set also includes two individual gloves for your other hands. Clever, right?

## 11. A Blanket For Restorative Sleep
Sleeping next to the love of your life can get even better! Weighted blankets help stimulate serotonin (the happy hormone) and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), as well as increase melatonin. This means your spouse (and yourself) will feel more relaxed and well-rested after every couch cuddle or night's sleep. And what's more romantic than ensuring your partner feels relaxed and refreshed? It's the perfect gift to show love

## 12. A Love Letter They Can Hug
Love letters are undeniably sweet, but paper is fragile and hard to keep in good condition over time. Memorialize a love letter to your special someone in an object that won't crumple or tear: a throw pillow. This creative, romantic gift is a unique way to showcase your affection (and it comes with the stuffing, so you don't have to run to a craft store at the last minute)

## 13. A Symbolic Bracelet
Let us introduce you to EDEN + ELIE's Celestia Circle Bracelet. The delicate 22K gold chain bracelet is the perfect love gift, featuring a celestial motif with hand-woven ruby and pink tourmaline. The gemstones were chosen specifically for their symbolic expression of devotion and faithfulness, and love and compassion, respectively. (
*Aww As an added bonus, each piece is made with care by neurodiverse artisans including adults with autism

## 14. An Aphrodisiac Cooking Class
*Photo: RossHelen | Getty Images*
An Uncommon Experience is an excellent activity gift for a couple. There are so many cool virtual classes to choose from, including plenty of options that bring the romance, big time. This genius cookery class might just be one of our favorite experiences for two people to do together. Chef Mark Kalix will walk you through three recipesa cocktail, dessert and entréemade with ingredients fabled to be natural aphrodisiacs

## 15. Date Night Wine
Turn this physical gift into an experience to remember by planning the perfect date night around it. Oenophiles will be seriously impressed by this wine tasting in a box, featuring six vials of exquisite wine (three for you and another three for your partner). Each set has two reds and oneto sample. If they taste one they really like, you can buy them the bottle at the next gifting occasion

## 16. A Gourmet Candy Box

Nothing says, "I think you're sweet" like some candy. Give your love this eight-piece box from Sugarfina stuffed with Champagne Bears, Sugar Lips, Peach Bellinis and more gummy confections. It'll be love at first bite. This is an especially romantic Valentine's Day gift, thanks to its vibrant red coloring and "XOXO" cover design

## 17. The Ultimate Pair of Boxers
Here's another romantic gift idea inspired by the bedroom. Why not upgrade your S.O.'s underwear drawer with sexy-meets-elegant boxers made from pure, luxurious silk. These sleek undies are even machine-washable. (Are pajamas more their thing? Browse Lunya's collection of sleepwear made with the same cozy silk.) First time buying from Lunya? Use code FOR-TK20 for $20 off your order of $100 or more!
## 18. A Sexy Lace Slip
When it comes to presents, the best gifts for romance reflect your unique relationship. If your partner's idea of a romantic night together involves physical intimacy, don't be afraid to choose something a little more daring than jewelry or flowers. Instead, look to sexy lingerie. They'll want to try on this gorgeous lace and satin slip right away, so maybe light a few candles to set the mood before handing it over. It comes in a few different colors, so you can choose your partner's favorite hues

## 19. A Massage Oil Candle
Not sure where to look for inspiration? Some of the best romantic gift ideas speak to your partner's love language. This delightfully scented candle hits the nail on the head for three out of the five official love languages: acts of service, physical touch and gift giving, of course. Once melted and extinguished, it doubles as a massage oil, so you can give your partner a romantic rubdown

## 20. A Cute Way to Send Love Notes
We've found a small romantic gift for lovers who like old-school romance (but also appreciate the magic of modern technology). This unique gadget offers the best of both worlds. Using an app, you're able to send personalized love notes to your S.O. that'll show up on the device's screen. Every time a message is delivered, the heart on the front starts to spin. It's an especially romantic gift idea if you're in a long-distance relationship

## 21. Your Initials as Eternity Roses
Eternity roses are made to last, just like the two of you. That's what makes this such a special gift to give your spouse. Venus et Fleur's miniature preserved-rose letters come in lots of romantic and vibrant hues for every letter of the alphabet. With proper care, they can last for over a year. Gift your other half one with their first initial and one with yours

## 22. A Heart-Shaped Succulent
If roses aren't their style, try romantic succulents. Hoya Kerrii, or more commonly known as Hoya Heart, plants are shaped like hearts for one of the most loving gifts from nature. Choose between a pot of one or two Hoya's (one to represent each of you) and then feel free to add chocolate for a complete gift set

## 23. Their Very Own Love Song
Anyone who frequently listens to love songs will fall head over heels when they receive their very own. Not much of a musician? Don't worry! Uncommon Goods has found an artist who will write it for you. All you have to do is share some details about your love story with musician David Morgan and he'll take it from there. At the end, you'll get either a one- or three-minute song (depending on which one you chose) delivered as an MP3 audio file and a PDF of the custom song lyrics. It's a pretty hard gift to top

## 24. Cute Matching Key Chains
How sweet are these coordinating key chains? They're made from real LEGO pieces that click together to form a heart. It's a fun take on friendship jewelry that you and your S.O. can easily carry with you wherever you go. Best of all, since it's an affordable and small romantic gift, it can be given at any time "just because"

## 25. A Reminder of Why You Love Them
Speaking of budget-friendly gift ideas for your lover, this cute book will show them word for word how much you care. It's a fill-in-the-blanks journal for you to write in before you hand it over. The result is page after page of reminders why you love them

## 26. Sentimental Cuff Links
These stainless steel cuff links won't just be gifted to your significant other with love; they're also handmade with love. Personalize each one with your own handwriting for an extra-meaningful gesture they'll cherish forever. Want some inspiration for what to engrave on each accessory? These ones are inscribed with the words, "You are my person," and the giver's name next to a heart

## 27. A Unique Watch
Something precious that your spouse can wear every day is always going to be a romantic gift in our book. This unique watch will serve as a constant reminder of your love for them, especially if you have it custom engraved. It's beautifully crafted from reclaimed American oak whiskey barrel wood and espresso-plated stainless steel, and has a second, minute and hour hand with a subeye date. It's a perfect gift for someone who considers themselves a connoisseur of spirits
*and *timepieces

## 28. A Game to Play Together
The best romantic gifts are the ones you can enjoy together. This fun take on the family-favorite toppling tower game is perfect for couples. Each wooden block is laser-engraved with a prompt to help couples become more connected. There are conversation-starting questions, lighthearted challenges and fill-in-the-blanks activities

## 29. A Custom Paint-By-Number Kit
Transform a photo, such as a picture of you two, a special place to your relationship or a beloved pet, into a paint-by-number for a sentimental gift
*and* activity. Choose from four different canvas sizes and add a DIY wooden frame for a personalized, romantic present they'll want to display in their home. Pro tip: Don't pick a photo that's too busy, the painting can get intricate!
## 30. A Romantic Music Box
Just like you, we're big fans of showing your partner you love them rather than just telling them. That doesn't necessarily mean grand gestures and expensive gifts. Sometimes, a small token is all you need to show your love and appreciation. This adorable music box is engraved with the words, "You are my sunshine." When your S.O. winds the handle, it'll playyep, you guessed itYou Are My Sunshine."
## 31. A Set of Handblown Colored Wine Glasses
*Ty Mecham, Rocky Luten and Julia Gartland*
Set the table with these colored wine glasses for a restaurant-worthy presentation. They're handblown in Poland by artisans at a company with a rich, 100-plus-year-old history for unbeatable quality. Your boo will feel super special sipping their vino out of these sunset-hued luxe stemware. Cook a special dinner in honor of using them for the first time

## 32. A Cookbook of Meals To Make Together
If your favorite plan for date night is cooking together, you need this book. All 650 recipes are portioned for two people, so you don't need to halve or quarter ones you've found online. There are even desserts! Need more convincing? It's a New York Times Bestseller and has sold more than 400,000 copies

## 33. A Fresh Flower Subscription
Subscription services are great presents because they keep on giving. Your S.O. can get a surprise delivery every month for as long as you choose. For a romantic subscription service, look no further than BloomsyBox. They'll deliver a freshof blooms on your love's doorstep so their vase is always filled

## 34. A Dazzling Eternity Ring
Eternity rings are some of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry because they represent just that: eternity. This particular ring has an extra layer of meaning. The intertwined bands represent the interconnectedness of your lives, now and forever. Find it 14K rose, yellow orgold or platinum. (
*Psst*, thanks to the petite design, it'll look great stacked with their wedding or engagement ring.)
## 35. A Couples Portrait Session

Getting your photos taken professionally is something you should do every few years to commemorate every part of your love storynot just the special occasions. It's never too late to start capturing those precious memories and Shoott makes it simple. Just book a photographer in your city (or another location if you're planning any romantic adventures). The basic package includes 10 digital photos and one retouched photo for $150, so you'll have plenty of options to frame and share with loved ones

## 36. A Rustic Couples Getaway
*Photo: Getaway | Facebook*
Go big with an "I love you" gift that'll whisk your partner away to a cozy cabin surrounded by nature. Getaway has outposts across the US within a few hours of many major cities, so getting there is easy. Once you check into your cabin, it's just you, your partner and the quiet ambiance of the natural world. It's the perfect opportunity to connect and unwind

## 37. Custom Embroidered Matching Sweatshirt
Here's a super romantic (and cozy) gift for couples celebrating their anniversary. These matching sweatshirts are custom embroidered with your anniversary date on the front and both of your first initials with a heart on the sleeve. You could also have their full name, "I love you" (and "I love you more") or a short custom message sewed on the sleeve to make them really unique. (
*Psst,* there are also crewnecks.)
## 38. Something Un-Bear-livably Cute
Everything about this gift is bursting with romance. Come on, just look at that adorable teddy bear. It's even holding a gold heart. You can make it even more special by adding a personal voice message to the bear that plays whenever its paw is pressed

## 39. Gourmet Chocolate with a Message
As Forrest Gump said, "Life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." But you hope it'll be Compartés luxury truffles. Give the one you're sweet on a delicious box of chocolates with a secret message. These artsy confections spell out, "I love youno card necessary!
## 40. A Gift Set for Heat Seekers
Do they prefer spicy to sweet? Sometimes the most romantic gifts are things you know your partner will likeand offering to try it, too. Truff's Spicy Lovers Pack will put their (and your) taste buds to the test. It comes with their HOTTER Hot Sauce,HOTTER Hot Sauce and Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce to add a kick to every meal

## 41. An Adorable Night Light
Personalized gifts feel extra romantic. Don't believe us? Just look at this beautiful night light. The wooden box is intricately carved with stars and three lines of custom text, so they project onto walls when lit. Keep it simple and personalize it with "I love you" or add a special date like when you first met, moved in together or tied the knot. Talk about a fitting gift for the light of your life!
## 42. A Blanket for Cold Feet

This oversized blanket will keep you both nice and toasty all over. Heart-shaped and available in red or gray, this cozy weighted throw has a secret plush pocket at the bottom specifically for your feet. Now your partner won't have to use your body heat to warm their toes. A win-win gift!
## 43. A Romantic Lingerie Subscription
*Photo: Underclub | Facebook*
Thought the subscription gifts couldn't get any more romantic than flowers? Think again. Underclub's lingerie subscription lets you sign your S.O. up for three months, six months or a year of monthly underwear deliveries. Depending on the plan you choose, they'll receive gorgeous lingerie from the brand's Luxe Underwear or Matching Bralette Set collection. To make sure your romantic gift delivery is as impressive as possible, they'll first receive an email with a link to a style quiz so each box can be curated to their tastes

## 44. A Wedding Band Upgrade
If it's been a while since you both said "I do," consider buying your spouse a shiny new wedding ring. It's never too late (or too early, for that matter) to splurge on new wedding bands, especially if you weren't in a position to spend as much as you would've liked the first time around. This polished 18K gold accessory is wrapped with diamonds along the top and bottom. The simple design feels utterly timeless

## 45. ILY Stud Earrings
These stud earrings will serve as a small, daily reminder to your partner how much you care. Made from gold vermeil, they're intricately shaped to say "ily" in bubble letters. They might be the cutest baubles we've ever seen

## 46. A Personalized Comic Book
Create a personalized keepsake of your relationship in the form of a playfully illustrated book. You get to customize the cover design, names, genders and unique physical features of each character to create a heartfelt storybook about your relationship. They'll be in awe of such a thoughtful and unique romantic gift

## 47. A Memento of Your Favorite Moments
Sharing your favorite memories together will always be a romantic activity. Give your other half a gift that encourages them to reminisce by putting together your very own photo book. Printique has customizable albums with different shape, size and paper options. Add up to 100 pages of glossy photos displaying your love story

## 48. A Trip to Paris
*Photo: Dave & Les Jacobs | Getty Images*
Ah, the City of Loveneed we say more? Treat your other half to a surprise trip to Paris using one of Tinggly's clever experiential gift boxes. The best part is that your S.O. gets to take the reins. They can choose where you're going to stay from over 500 hotels. The gift card covers two nights for two people, with most hotels also offering complimentary breakfast. As far as romantic gift ideas go, this one takes the cake.