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Even though Im personally more of a realist, I still think everyone could use a little bit of romance in their lives. It keeps things fun, fresh, and exciting. But you dont need a significant other to fulfill all your romantic fantasies. Adding romance to your life could be as simple as drawing yourself a bath, lighting some candles, and picking up a good book. IDK about you, but sometimes I catch myself smiling or laughing and even feeling butterflies in my stomach because of something Ive been reading. And nothing makes me feel more like a giddythan a love story. So if youre looking to give yourself a brief escape from reality and throw yourself into another persons or characters passionate affairs, here are the best romance novels of 2021. People We Meet on Vacation, by Emily Henry People We Meet on Vacation, by Emily Henry Alex and Poppy are completely different people, but somehow after sharing a care home years ago in college, they became the best of friends. Since then, theyve graduated and wild child Poppy decided to live it up in New York City, while Alex moved back to their small hometown. Still, every summer, they take a weeklong vacation together. But something changed since their last trip two years ago, and they havent spoken since. Now, Poppy is determined to patch things up. Shes able to convince Alex to go on one more vacation together, and now they have a week to confront the one big truth about their seemingly perfect relationship. Seven Days in June, by Tia Williams Seven Days in June, by Tia Williams Singleand best-selling erotica writer Eva Mercy unexpectedly meets award-winning novelist Shane Hall at a literary event. They pretend not to know each other, but 15 years earlier they were two teens madly in love and their chemistry is still undeniable. Theyve clearly still got each other on their minds, as theyve been secretly writing to each other in their books over the years. With this fateful reunion, they reconnect, but Eva is still apprehensive after Shane broke her heart and left with unanswered questions. The Ex Talk, by Rachel Lynn Solomon The Ex Talk, by Rachel Lynn Solomon Shay Goldstein loves her job as a producer at her Seattle public radio station. She has been working there for 10 years and cant imagine working anywhere else. But recently, her new, know-it-all, fresh-from-grad-school coworker, Dominic Yun, has been rubbing her the wrong way. But her boss leaves her no choice but to work with him as a cohost on a project she pitched, The Ex Talk They have to pretend to be two exes giving relationship advice live, on-air

SingleJess Davis is a data and statistics wizard, but shes always been skeptical about putting herself out there again with dating. That is until she encounters GeneticAlly, a new DNA-based matchmaking company. Shes convinced that DNA and numbers will be a reliable way to find her perfect match, until she meets the man shes supposedly 98% compatible with: the companys founder, Dr. River Peña. Jess already knows Dr. Peña and knows that the stuck-up and stubborn man is definitely not the one for her. But then the company gives her an offer she cant refuse. Reena Manjis parents are constantly meddling with her life and have been trying to find her a good potential Muslim husband. But for now, the baker has nothing but bread on her mind. That is, until her parents introduce her to Nadim, a hunk with a British accent who lives just across the hall. But she refuses to give in to his charms. Instead, she proposes that they pretend to be engaged to join a couples cooking competition, with a major prize that she refuses to let slip away. Grace Porter goes on a girls trip to Vegas to celebrate her hard-earned PhD in astronomy. And while shes a straitlaced gal who doesnt get wild, this trip is an exception. And by the end of it, she finds herself married to a woman whose name she doesnt even know. When she gets back home to Portland, she staggers under the weight of her familys expectations and plans for her future. She decides to get away and spend a summer in New York with the wife she barely knows

Meddelin Chan accidentally kills her blind date, and shes in hot water. Her meddlesomedecides to get involved and also calls in her even more meddlesome aunties to help get rid of the body. But this already difficult task becomes chaotically impossible when the body gets shipped in a cake cooler to a billionaire weddingwhich their family wedding business is working onat an island resort on the California coastline. Things get even more complicated when Meddy gets to the event and unexpectedly runs into her great college love. The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes, by Xio Axelrod The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes, by Xio Axelrod Growing up, Toni Bennette thought that her guitar was her only friend and companion, until Sebastian Quick entered her life, and he promised that theyll both make it out of their small town together. But when he turned 18, he left her in the dust. Now, Toni is older and wiser and looking to make it on her own in the Philadelphia indie scene. Her friend suggests she try out for an up-and-coming band, and Toni finds that she fits perfectly with the Lillys. Then she finds out theres a catch: Seb is now the bands manager. Taylor Powell is a kickass personal trainer, but while shes passionate about her job, she cant seem to get a handle on her bills. Then she finds an opportunity to work with former football player Jamar Dixon, who wants to bounce back into the NFL. But he doesnt want anyone finding out about his plans, so they have to keep the training on the down-low. Things take a turn when they get outed as a couple, and now they both have to play along with this charade, completely throwing off their game plan

Maddie Goldbloom has always had a plan to make sure her life was perfectfrom her career in fashion to her pediatrician boyfriend. But her plans had nothing about her ex, Chase Black, knocking on her door to ask for an outrageously huge request. He wants her to pretend to be his fiancée. She immediately says no, but hes able to convince her, saying that he only wants to fulfill his fathers last wish. But while its fun to see the man who broke her heart squirm as she goes along with the act, things arent so entertaining when theyre both forced to face reality. ThePrinciples of Kit Webb, by Cat Sebastian ThePrinciples of Kit Webb, by Cat Sebastian Kit Webb has left his life of crime behind him and now makes an honest living as a coffee shop owner. But then a handsome andaristocrat named Percy waltzes into his shop, asking for help to find a book that once belonged to his mother, but is heavily guarded by his own father. Kit refuses to take the job but agrees to give the young gentleman a master class in thievery. Soon, Percy finds that stealing isnt the only crime hes willing towith Kit. Eve Brown is a hot mess who just wants to get her life together. She decides to apply for an open chef position at Jacob Waynes bed and breakfast. But the interview goes horribly and he tells her that there was no way hed ever hire her. And to make matters worse, she accidentally hits him with her car and Jacob finds himself with a broken arm. Now, Eve is trying to make up for what shes done by helping the understaffed B&B. Before long, shes already infiltrated his place of work and even his spare bedroom. Jacob is supposed toitbut suddenly doesnt anymore. And Eve cant deny that theres something brewing between them too

Yes & I Love You, by Roni Loren Yes & I Love You, by Roni Loren Hollyn Tate is the woman behind the famous Miz Poppy, the reviewer whose vibrant commentary brightens the nightlife scene in New Orleans. In real life, Hollyn is an anxious woman hiding behind an online identity and refuses to reveal herself. But then her boss demands that she tell everyone the truth or she could lose her job. She then enlists the help of the charming Jasper Deares, an actor and improv star who offers her private lessons to help her overcome her fears. She is hesitant at first but begins to warm up to the improv and acting exercises, so much so that she begins to question whether shes acting around Jasper at all or if her feelings are becoming real. Yash Raje is confident, successful, and is now Californias first Indian American gubernatorial candidate. But he becomes shaken when acrime at a rally critically injures a good friend. Now he cant bear the thought of returning to the campaign trail. His family then turns to India Dashwood, his sisters friend and the best stress management coach in California. But while India has easily helped some of the most high-strung overachievers in the state, Yash is a toughto crackespecially with their history. Baker Rosaline Palmer is on the brink of financial ruin. Shes struggling to stay afloat as she raises her daughter, Amelie. Then she lands a spot on the countrys top baking competition and finally gets a chance to turn things around. But theres more than just kitchen disasters standing in her way to winning the prize money. The heat is on as the ovens are turned up, and two men try to sweep her off her feet.