Theorotica, the epic story of Gods, Demons, Mortals and Angels. The origins of Theorotica added to an ALL NEW adventure. Ask for it at your local bookstore or contact us. 'Death is the great inspirer.' Well, if you're the daughter of Caliope you would debate that. Enter an amazing world where Muses inspire Mortals, Angels defend us and Demons try to possess your soul. Follow the lives of four artists as seen through the eyes of the one sent to protect them. This is one novel you will never forget. Welcome to the fantastic world of Theorotica. A world of hopes and dreams where romance and fantasy come alive. This world is inspired by the awesome and powerful music of SUPERTRAMP so feel free to play any one of their cd's while reading.(I recommend 'Even in the quietest moments' or 'Crime of the century' myself) Note: If you do not own a Supertramp cd go out and buy one do not be cheap. I hope you enjoy this wonderous place. Birthdate: Sept. 22 1968 Virgo (Actually it's on the cusp but I prefer Virgo to Libra, that's just me.) Piano teacher, Businessman, Author and scholar of human behavior. All round artist looking for a real break. The truth is, here in Canada they won't even begin to consider publishing your book (Unless you write about ogloknik theslow inuit boy who is forced to spend his summers in Winnipeg with his sister and grandmother who's currently suffering from gout. Who thewants to write that but hey, that's Canadiana. Lord help me, pleaseIf anybody out there, preferably a real movie producer or publisher or even somebody from human resources at a t.v. studio who needs a writerAnybody who can read this and help me please! Let's face it I'm in Edmonton, media here is pretty much non-existent but my ideas are plentiful. Again, I hope you enjoy my work. Thank-you.