Dee Lloyd loves her family, writing Romantic Suspense, the rugged scenery of the Canadian Shield and cruising tropical waters with her husband

Award-winning author Dee Lloyd credits her upbringing in a Northern Ontario mining town for her love of dramatic scenery and her conviction that nothing is impossible to a person who is willing to work for it

She is fascinated by electronic publishing and the use of fresh new settings and story lines that this new medium encourages

Married to Terry Sheils, award-winning author of horror, humorous mystery, and historical novels, Dee states, Writing is as essential as breathing in our house
Ghost of a Chance (Romantic Suspense) LTDBooks
Change of Plans (Romantic Suspense) LTDBooks
Mine (Romantic Suspense) LTDBooks
Ties That Blind (Romantic Mystery) LTDBooks
In the Running (Romantic Suspense) Awe-Struck E-Books
Birth Place
Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Her Romantic Suspense novel, Ties That Blind, was the winner of Eppies 2000 Award for Best Contemporary Romance
Additional Information
My latest Romantic Suspense novel, Ghost of a Chance is set in South Florida and tells the story of Bret, the sexy agent from Change of Plans. Bret is sent on a mission by a ghost. This time he risks his heart as well as his life

Change of Plans, is set on a cruise ship - one of the most sensuous and romantic settings in the world.