= Help with lighting. Mywants a lamp in the window bu the “bar table”. She suggested something like the last picture but it doesn’t seem right to me. There are already two different lamps. Should it be a smoky glass pendant like the globe one or a more discreetlamp? =

Sorry but, don't listen to your. Honestly, I would change out the smokey fixture and replace it with 2 smaller pendant lights. Something to pick up the color and style of the fixtures above the table. You will also want to use clear glass instead of smokey if the fixtures you choose have glass. The smokey glass fixture right now is the focal point of the room and it makes you miss how great the rest of the room is. The last picture of a fixture doesn't look right for the space. Other than changing out that fixture I don't think you need to do anything else for lighting

Great suggestion. It is my mums house though soI need to listen to her. She is not interested in changing anything and she do need an extra light by the window since it gets pretty dark at night. Usually I know what to do but since I didn’t help her with the rest of the space it will be hard to pick out a lamp…
I think the same but it gets dark during the evening so my parents want more light. For them no lamp is not an option

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