Today were going to talk about how texting your job candidates with job information can work to not only fill your jobs faster, but also to alleviate much of the footwork that is required by your staffers. A great example of this might be text blasting a new warehouse job to all qualified workers at Read More How to use Texting to Fill More Jobs
This is the second installment of a multi-part series on how you can increase your staffing agencys sales. Part 1 is here. Last week we discussed how to better efficiently use your time as a salesperson to avoid giving irrelevant players the elevator pitch and wasting valuable sales time. This week we will discuss how salespeople Read More The Secret to Increasing your Staffing Agencys Sales Part 2
This will be a ongoing look at how you can increase your staffing agencys sales through practical and repeatable advice based on real-world sales experience. I have been in sales for over 20 years. In that time Ive heard all kinds of sales methodologies, read all kinds of books on how to create more sales Read More The Secret to Increasing your Staffing Agencys Sales Part 1
The question of whether you will have a computer or server crash is not if, but when. Everyday staffing agencies just like yours come under attack from hackers, employee vandalism or outright hardware failure. When it happens, and make no mistake it will happen, how will you replace the years of data that youve collected Read More Disaster Recovery for Staffing Agencies
Paycards are usually a great way for employers to pay their employees. Theyre fast and easy for employers, and employees can spend their money immediately, whether online or locally. But what are some of the hidden pitfalls to look out for when paying staffing employees with paycards? One immediate consideration that comes to mind is Read More Should you use Paycards to pay Staffing Employees?
I like to think about good salespeople as people who can listen to a clients needs and wants, and then effectively match the salespersons offerings to those needs and wants. Because there are so few good salespeople in the world compared to the total number, it is likely your life-long experience with the sales process Read More Solution Selling for Staffing Agencies

Companies of all types and sizes are in the midst of a quality revolution. GE saved $12 billion over five years and added $1 to its earnings per share. Honeywell (AlliedSignal) recorded more than $800 million in savings GE produces annual benefits of over $2.5 billion across the organization from Six Sigma Motorola reduced manufacturing Read More Should your Staffing Agency use Six Sigma?
When you think about staffing metrics, it might be tempting to think about mundane items like the number of calls the salespeople make or the number of jobthey return at the end of the week or how many jobs the recruiters fill or even how many calls certain ads bring in. And indeed, those are staffing Read More How to use Metrics to make your Staffing Business Better
Understanding why your current staffing clients do business with you rather than with the tens or even hundreds of other staffing agency competitors is a good start to understanding how to increase your agencys revenue. Do your clients do business with you because of your personal touch or do they do business with you because Read More Why do your Clients Stay with You?