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We download and scatter to our friends. Track BOMB!!
hip(Rap Balans), Sanya Iv, Kosmaty - Provincial Fables

A whole year has almost passed. And here's a little addition. hip (Rap Balans) - Crisis
So, finally, in the new 2011, a fresh track "I Want to Say" is released. Listen, download, upload to players, send to friends
Album released
**hip'a (Rap Balans) &
Humble ED'a** Not So Long ago

it is available on our
website in MP3 Enjoy
A new photo album has been opened!
**29.11.10 **
**1Track "hip
(Rap Balans) - I'm Better", recorded for
some battle is already available for download **2)And one more Appeared in audio recordings
instrumental composition hip'a " **Alexander
Izosimov - It is a little about

It is a pity that the Narod.ru server does not allow uploading tracks
large sizes! But in the best quality it can also be
listen and download VKontakte **Z.Y The schedule of performances has been updated**
New track called
(Rap Balans) - 1206
**08.06.10 **
Added lyrics for the track "Meeting"

New track "hip (Rap Balans) - Meeting"! Everyone needs to hear this!
Listen to the new track "hip (Rap Balans) - Every Time". And of course download it
April 1, 2010 will perform at the club "Matrix" (Nizhny Novgorod). Added lyrics for "Not the First Time"
A new track from "hip'a - Not the First Time" has been released. Downloading!
Hey woah! Hi Everyone So, today the track "hip (Rap Balans) & Modest ED - What Are You Doing" was released. You can download it here! We are also waiting for the release of the album "Not So Long Ago". Already this spring
Hello! I want to tell you good news! First, a new track hip (Rap Balans) & Modest ED - My Music (Monday) has been released. Secondly, I want to inform you about our upcoming concerts

You can also find all the new information in our Vkontakte group httpvkontakte.ru/club4005529
or on site
**Rap Balans

History of the Group
See photos from performances and download new music
**Album "Not so long ago (December 2010