The game has a long history of beating up on women, no matter how many rappers were raised by their mommas. Like gays, broke people and haters, women were a convenient punching bag for the bars before there even was rap

Earlier this year,
**Rick Ross** briefly landed in hot water for some rapey lyrics, but was quickly forgiven. Despite the past, a new movement of unapologetic femininity has taken hold of rap in the form of **Drake but that wasn't always the case

Here's a look at some of the most misogynist lines ever
 1) "So we could never be a couple hun /love / All I got foris hardand bubblegum." - Big L
Big L, always the economist, makes some budgetary calculations of the heart

 2)ain'tbutand tricks /on theseandthe." - Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg gets straight to the point in the golden era of rap misogyny

 3) "Once again I gotta punch ain her/ I'm icydon't look at my wrist / Because if you do, I might blind you." - Jasper Dolphin of Odd Future
Jasper takes aim at a woman's face with fists and jewelry without a hint of subtlety

 4) "I know she like chocolate men / She got more n*ggas off than Cochran." - Kanye West
This one seems a little too personal as Kanye verbally degrades his very own Kardashian

 5) "You ain't no better because you don't berappers / You onlywith actors / You're still getting f*cked backwards" - Jay Z
One of the main conceits of misogyny is that getting f*cked means you are a lesser being, and Jay Z epitomizes that sentiment here

 6) "My little sister's birthday / She'll remember me / For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity." - Bizarre
Bizarre is the only member of D12 that can compete with Eminem for bottom of the barrel misogyny

 7) "You know me I smoke a blunt while I'm getting/ Stick my finger in herwhile I'm getting/ Yeah I'm nasty/ What? / Lil Wayne." - Lil Wayne
This might be the most beautiful thing anyone's ever said while bashing women

 8) "I gotta say it; I'm the president, I run things / All thesetryna save a n*gga c*m stains." - Lil Wayne
He wasn't done! Wayne sighs withat the lengths women will go to Bill Clinton him

 9)you think I won't choke no/ Til the vocal cords don't work in herno more - Eminem
There's the crowd favorite! The undisputed champion of misogyny whose anger can be easily traced to his mommy issues

 10) "Is Big L slow? /no! /get f*cked on the roof when I ain't got no hotel dough." - Big L
L was not playing at all on this one, letting loose his nefarious roof plans with no regard for human life

 11) "Myhard as a motherf*cker / You don't what? / Tell thatto another sucker." - Cam'ron
Cam invites the ladies toit or not, but only one option will suffice

 12) "Baby girl pull your pants up, I only want your face." - Fredo Santana
This lyric is a crossover of misogyny, and the Chicago Drill scene's obsession with oralover vaginal

 13) "You ain't gonna let meyou and I feel you / But you gonemyor I'llyou." - Chief Keef
This kid is going to spend his entire life inand there's nothing anyone can do about it. With lines like this, however, he might deserve it

 14) "It'snear four in the morning, ain'tto discuss / Til you ask whichdo you." - Jadakiss
Kiss going in on his gold medal misogyny track, "F*ckin' or What?" The entire song could be on this list, but this line's the best

 15) "Love a feminist b*tch, oh, it get myhard / So no apologies for all the misogyny." - Danny Brown
Self-aware misogyny is the best kind

Every day, a child is born to a woman who will somedayup to think, talk and rap just like this. Judgment is corny, but examining the cultural forces which shape our perceptions and actions is essential

Without these brazen displays of misogyny, perhaps it would be something hidden in the household, whereas these lyrics publicize the phenomenon and open it to debate. What are your favorite misogynistic rap lines, and where do you stand on the issue? Tweet us @EliteDaily and let us know

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