Today we can talk about the best Latino rappers of the moment thanks to the great moments that have taken place in history, since in 1986 in California the Cypress Hill of Latin descent laid the foundations of what would be the rap made by Latin Americans, making it their own and imbuing it with the style that the Latin lands could give to a rhythm that did not belong to us

This is how many Latin American rappers have told the story of their countries, their realities, those often crude realities that do not unite a little in the misfortunes and violence, but that in the end are part of what we are, through their music they have made visible all kinds of contexts that deserve to be told and noticed

Nowadays there are great Latino exponents in rap and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about. In JefeBet we bring you the top 5 Latin rappers of the moment that are breaking the world

Irvin Puerto Ramírez is a rapper from Mérida, Yucatan, México – better known as Pinche Mara or MC Mara. He is currently one of the most famous Mexican singers in urban music. He has gone through several prison-related situations that helped him focus and become one of the most important Latino rappers of the moment

After releasing his first studio album “El Relato de mi Vida” composed of several songs that he had been working on since before, he was able to gain a lot of popularity and consolidate himself within the hip hop and underground rap movement in México. He has collaborated with other greats of the scene such as El Tirano, Pelygro, Sparky Dog, among others

Mauricio Hernández, known in the world of rap and urban music as Aczino, is originally from the State of México and was a competitor in 2012 in the National Final of Batalla de Gallos in Colombia and from that moment his reputation grew as a great MC in battles throughout Latin America

Undoubtedly one of the best freestylers, based on having won the most tournaments and receiving the unanimous approval of his peers, being an example of tenacity, simplicity and talent. He became one of the leading faces of Latino rap at the continental level

One of the roles that Al2 El Aldeano has taken to heart with his music is to use music as a political tool for social change. From Havana, he rapped against the censorship that the Castro regime is imposing on the islands, also rapping about issues such as inequality and the limitations of civil rights

A perfect standard of Latino American rhetoric in search of conscience. Such is his discourse that the law has come to his concerts tothem down, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to make music and raise his voice against social injustices and censorship

Portavoz could not have chosen a better pseudonym, as he became in the rap world the spokesman (altavoz in Spanish) for his indigenous roots, rapping in his dialect and bringing the face of his indigenous ancestry everywhere, with a brutal and definitely characteristic style that made him popular in the rap scene

Perhaps no other rapper has united to such an extent the quality of rap with the rootedness to the origins as this MC of Mapuche descent has done, bringing with him one of the most important social struggles of the south of the Latin American continent to the stage, making the native communities of Chile much more visible through rap

Santa Fe Klan has had great success in the Mexican and Latin American rap scene for this 2022 and is considered the king of Mexican rap. It is considered that the trajectory that the rapper is having will make a very suitable relay to the old school rappers, but with the dyes that Santa himself is imbuing his music

This rapper born in the city of Guanajuato, México, has positioned himself in the last year thanks to his presence on social networks, in addition to his music shows great traits of versatility that have allowed him to venture into different genres in addition to hip hop, even collaborating with DJs like Steve Aoki

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