There’s no doubt that Mexican rappers are making their mark in the music industry. From underground artists to mainstream stars, these talented musicians are turning heads with their lyrical skills and unique sound

Here are 15 of the best Mexican Rappers you need to know about. Whether you’re a fan of rap or not, you’ll be impressed by their talent!
## 1
**Snow Tha Product**
I am starting things off with this beautiful Mexican rapper, Snow Tha Product, who people used to call Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza before becoming a rapper

She was born on the 24th of June 1987 in San Jose, California, USA. You must know that California and Texas border with Mexico

That is why you’d see many Mexican rappers hailing from California and Texas. Anyways, she is 34 years old

However, she is an American national; herand dad are Mexican. That’s why you can say she is of Mexican descent

At first, her dad used to live in Michoacán, Mexico, and he came to the U.S. illegally, while hercame to the U.S. legally

Music had been in her family for a very long time, as her dad and grandpa used to be singers. When she was nineteen, she finally decided to become a singer and rapper

This Mexican rapper used to be afan of the Snowand Seven Dwarfs, and for that reason, she chose the stage name “Snowat first

After some time, she changed her stage name to “Snow Tha Product.” 2007 was the year when Claudia became a rapper (officially)

“Unorthodox” was her first album, which she gave out in 2011, four years after being in the industry. She gave many hits songs in this album and gained millions of views

Then it took her another ten years to release her second album “Valemadre,” in 2022. Her other hit songs are “Que Oso,” “How I Do It,” “Waste Of Time,” and others

Meza’s Instagram following: 2.7 million+ at @snowthaproduct

Spotify monthly listeners: 3.4 million+ at Snow Tha Product

SoundCloud following: 106,000+ at SNOW THA PRODUCT

## 2
**Kid Cudi**
This Mexican rapper is also not from Mexico, but his parents/grandparents were Mexican. So, Cudi is of Mexican descent

He is 38 years old. His birthday falls on the 30th of January, and his birth year is 1984. He hails from Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi is his birth name. It is a lesser-known fact that this Mexican rapper’s dad fought in World War II in the U.S. Air Force

Right after finishing his studies in high school, he decided to join the hip-hop industry as a rapper. But in order for him to make a living out of this profession, he had to go to New York

Cudi had only 500$ when he came to New York City, and see that today, he is worth a whopping 16 million$. You can call that a significant success, right?
But coming to New York City, he wanted to be a U.S. Navy officer, but his fate brought him where he is today. You must be wondering why couldn’t he join the Navy

When he was in Solon High School, during an argument with the principal, he tried to hit him in the face. This led to his expulsion from the school

2003 was the year when this Mexican rapper stepped into the hip-hop industry, and six years later, he gave his 1st studio album, named “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” in 2009

Some other of his famous albums are “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,” “Indicud,” “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon,” and “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven.”
Cudi’s Instagram following: 3.3 million+ at @kidcudi

Spotify monthly listeners: 23.4 million+ at Kid Cudi

SoundCloud following: 385,000+ at Kid Cudi
## 3
B-Real is both an American and Mexican rapper who was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on the 2nd of June 1970

He has been at it for more than three decades (34 years). You can imagine how great he would be at what he does, and for your information, he is 51 years old

That means he began doing this when he was just seventeen. 1988 was when he officially became a Mexican rapper. Louis Mario Freese is his real name

His dad andare of Spanish descent. His dad’s a Mexican, and hisa Cuban. Then something tragic happened to him at the age of 17

At the same age when he became a rapper, he was caught in a crossfire of a gang-related shooting. This shot resulted in his lung getting punctured

He, along with his pal Sen Dog, created a hip-hop duo, “Cypress Hill,” which became a success. Before releasing his solo albums, he released many albums as a hip-hop duo

But I am not talking about Cypress Hill, so I’m just going to focus on his solo albums. The first of them was “Smoke N Mirrors,” which came out in 2009

His second solo studio album was “Tell You Somethin which was released in 2021. His hit songs are “Loco en el coco,” “Lowrider,” “Grandes Ligas,” and others

B-Real’s Instagram following: 1.3 million+ at @breal

Spotify monthly listeners: 806,000+ at B-Real

SoundCloud following: 18,900+ at B REAL

## 4
**King Lil G**

Now I am presenting to you the next destacado Mexican rapper, King Lil G, who is 34 years old. His birth date and birthplace are the 24th of July 1987 and Mexico City, Mexico, respectively

Unlike many other Mexican rappers on this list, he is actually from Mexico. Alex Gonzalez is his birth name. Precisely, he is from the South Los Angeles region

“Hopeless Boy’ was the song that gained him a lot of following and recognition. He gave out this song in 2014, and it became a hit

Lil G began doing this in 2004, and he is still at it. During that time, he gave out some of the best studio albums under his name

Those albums are “King Enemy,” “Ak47 Boyz,” “90s Kid,” “Paint The City Blue,” and some others. Many labels approached him by offering contracts to work with them

But he didn’t want to be bound with one or more labels. He wanted full control over his rapping career. So, he remained independent

He has such a huge audience on his YouTube channel, with over 1.13 million+ subscribers and more than 614 million total on the channel

King’s Instagram following: 936,000+ at @kinglilg

Spotify monthly listeners: 668,000+ at King Lil G

SoundCloud following: 103,000+ at kinglilg

## 5
**Mr. Capone-E**
This Mexican rapper is actually not from the North American, South American, or even the European continent, but from the Asian one

He belongs to the Hazara community of Peshawar, Pakistan, and that is where he was born on the 27th of April, 1976. He is 45 years old

Throughout his career, he has worked with Snoop Dogg a few times, and he has contributed pretty little to the Mexican hip-hop industry, but, yeah, there’s that

In 2000, he created the Hi-Power Records, and while working with the same label, he gave out his debut album, “Mr. Capone-E & The Southsiders,” in the same year (2000)

Some other of his hit albums are “Last Man Standing,” “Dedicated 2 The Oldies,” “Always and Forever,” “Strictly For the Street Vol. 1,” and others

Mr. Capone-E’s Instagram following: 573,000+ at @mrcaponee

Spotify monthly listeners: 343,000+ at Mr. Capone-E

SoundCloud following: 7,300+ at Mr. Capone-E

## 6
**Baby Bash**
He used to be Baby Beesh, but circumstances took a turn, and now the world knows him as Baby Bash. By the way, he is 46 years old

Ronald Ray Bryant is his birth date. His birth date is the 18th of October 1975, and he hails from Vallejo, California, USA

At first, Bash didn’t have much interest in music (rap or any other). I’m not saying that he didn’t like music at all; I just mean, music wasn’t his first priority

His first priority was basketball, and he wanted to become a successful basketball player, but there was something else written in his fate

When he was little, he suffered an ankle injury; thus, no basketball! Then his family and close relatives educated him on various types of music

And, yes, before I forget, indeed, he is not a Mexican, but hiswas. This Mexican rapper made his debut in 1996 and, five years later, gave his 1st album

That album was “Savage Dreams,” and its release date was the 19th of June 2001. Then his other/second hit album came out the next year in 2002, named “On Tha Cool.”
Bash’s Instagram following: 482,000+ at @babybash

Spotify monthly listeners: 4 million+ at Baby Bash

SoundCloud following: No official SoundCloud account

## 7
**Kap G**
“Girlfriend” was the song that got him real fame, which came out in 2016, and the song was part of his “El Southside” album

He was born on the 31st of July 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and, yes, he also isn’t a Mexican, yet he is on this Mexican rappers’ list

George Ramirez is the name his Mexican-immigrant parents gave him. He went to and passed out from Tri-Cities High School

Five years before releasing his debut studio album, he gave out “Tatted Like Amigos (his 1st song)” in 2012. The famous rapper Chief Keef helped him a lot in this regard

Chief Keef had a major part to play in skyrocketing Kap G’s rapping career. Other than Chief Keef, he has also worked with some big names, like Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, and others

In 2017, his 1st album came out, named “SupaJefe.” Then the next year, in 2018, he released his 2nd album, named “No Kap.”
Kap G’s Instagram following: 432,000+ at @therealkapg

Spotify monthly listeners: 547,000+ at Kap G

SoundCloud following: 82,100+ at Kap G

## 8
**Lil Rob**
His complete/real name is Roberto L. Flores. His birthday falls on the 21st of September, and his birth year is 1975

Rob is 46 years old. He hails from San Diego, California, USA, and began his career in the same state and city

The neighbourhood he was born in was Mexican American, and that is how he got to experience a lot of Mexican cultures

“Crazy Life” was his 1st studio album. During a tragic incident, someone shot him in his chin resulting in severe damage to his chin and, yes, his eye too

1987 was the year he stepped into the hip-hop industry and became a Mexican rapper. It took him ten years to give his first album in 1997

During his career, he has given nine studio albums. Those albums are “Natural High,” which came out in 1999, and “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down,” which came out in 2001

Lil Rob’s fourth studio album was “The Album,” which was released in 2002, and then his fifth album, “Neighborhood Music,” came out in 2005

He gave his sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth albums in 2005, 2008, 2009, and 2014, named “Twelve Eighteen (Part I “1218 (Part II “Love &and “R.I.P. (Recording In Progress respectively

Rob’s Instagram following: 368,000+ at @thereallilrob

Spotify monthly listeners: 719,000+ at Lil Rob

SoundCloud following: 3,600+ at Lil Rob

## 9
Taboo’s actual name is Jaime Luis Gomez. He was born on the 14th of July 1975 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is 46 years old

Hisand dad are both from Mexico. You may have heard about the famous musical group, The Black Eyed Peas

This Mexican rapper has been a long-time member of this group since 1995. This group has seen many ups and downs since its creation

1995 was when he officially became a rapper. Some of his hit songs are “Let’s Get It Started,” “Pump It Harder,” “Where Is The Love?” “Shake Ya Boom Boom,” and others

Taboo’s Instagram following: Almost 300,000 at @taboo

Spotify monthly listeners: 1,400+ at Taboo

SoundCloud following: 60+ at TABOO Music

## 10
**Mr. Criminal**
Mr. Criminal is currently working with the label created by another Mexican rapper on this list, Mr. Capone-E, Hi-Power Entertainment

Roberto Fabian Garcia is his birth name. His meeting with Mr. Capone-E changed his life for good, and while working with him, he gave his first album, “Criminal Mentality,” in 2002-03

This Mexican rapper’s birth date is the 4th of December 1982, and he hails from Southern California. He is 39 years old

Throughout his career, he has given 27 studio albums. Some of them are “Organized Crime,” “What the Streets Created,” “Sounds Of Crime,” “What The Streets Created Part 2,” and others

Garcia’s Instagram following: 283,000+ at @mrcriminal

Spotify monthly listeners: 140,000+ at Mr. Criminal

SoundCloud following: 4,100+ at Mr. Criminal

## 11
**South Park Mexican**
Carlos Croy is the real name of this Mexican rapper. He is 51 years old. His birthday falls on the 5th of October, and his birth year is 1970

You can either call South Park Mexican or just SPM. So, SPM hails from Houston, Texas, USA. Dope House Records is the creation of SPM

SPM is a different kind of rapper (hip-hop artist). Why? Just eight years after entering the industry, he was accused ofassault on a kid

He was found guilty of the charges, and the judge gave him a 45-yeartime. Right now, he is still in. But what makes him unique is that he, while being inis still giving out his music projects

“Hillwood” was his 1st album, released on the 9th of March 1995 while working with his own label, Dope House Records

Croy’s other hit albums are “Hustle Town,” “Power Moves: The Table,” “The 3rd Wish: To Rock The World,” “Time Is Money,” and many others

This Mexican rapper’s Instagram following: 242,000+ at @thesonofnorma

His Spotify monthly listeners: 841,000+ at South Park Mexican

SoundCloud following: No official SoundCloud account

## 12
**Chingo Bling**
Chingo Bling’s birth date is the 23rd of August 1979, and his birthplace is Houston, Texas, USA. He is 42 years old

He is not a Mexican but of Mexican descent; his parents/grandparents are from Mexico. Not only he is a rapper but also a famous stand-up comedian

Bling chose the year 2000 to become a rapper, and three years later, his first album came out in 2003, named “Duro en la Pintura – Hard in the Paint.”
Some of his other hit albums are “The Air Chingo Mixtape,” “El Mero Chingon,” “The Tamale Kingpin,” “Chingo Bling 4 President,” “For President (Skrewed N’ Chopped and many others

Chingo’s Instagram following: 215,000+ at @realchingobling

Spotify monthly listeners: 63,800+ at Chingo Bling

SoundCloud following: 18,100+ at CHINGOBLING

## 13
Jose Conejo Martin is what his Mexican parents named him. His birth date is the 9th of September 1974, and he hails from Southern California (Los Angles)

Throughout his career, he has given out more than 100 studio albums. “City Of Angels- Special Edition” was his 1st album, which came out in 2005

After that, he gave out ‘Revenge Served Cold” in the same year, 2005. His other hits are “Conejo Presents Notorious Enemy Vol 1,” “Devils Playground,” and many others

Conejo’s Instagram following: 114,000+ at @conejo.rapper

Spotify monthly listeners: 65,900+ at Conejo

SoundCloud following: 1,500+ at Conejo

## 14
This Mexican rapper has been in the hip-hop scene since 1995 and has given eight studio albums since then. He is 43 years old

Bocafloja’s birth name is Aldo Villegas. He was born on the 12th of July 1978 in Mexico City. He is among the few Mexican rappers who are actually from Mexico

When he began rapping, he didn’t actually have the basic knowledge of hip-hop. The reason is at that time, English hip-hop was at its peak

And Spanish hip-hop artists were in very few numbers. He gained rapping experience after actually becoming a rapper

This Mexican rapper’s 1st studio album was “Lengua Insurrecta (EP which was released in 2002. Then he gave “Pienso Luego Existo” in 2003

Aldo’s Instagram following: 22,600+ at @bocaflojaquilombo

Spotify monthly listeners: 60,700+ at Bocafloja

SoundCloud following: No official SoundCloud account

## 15
**Kid Frost**
And, lastly, I present to you Kid Frost. You can also call him Frost or Uncle Frost. His birth date is the 31st of May 1964

He hails from Los Angeles, California, USA. He is 57 years old. Arturo Molina Jr. is his birth name. In the beginning, Frost and Ice-T were rivals

Initially, all of his music and rapping projects were in a tussle with Ice-T. Then, in 1984, he became a rapper

Six years later, his 1st studio album, “Hispanic Causing Panic,” came out in 1990. His 2nd album was “East Side Story,” which came out in 1992

Frost’s Instagram following: 19,000+ at @therealkidfrost

Spotify monthly listeners: 179,000+ at Kid Frost

SoundCloud following: 2,900+ at DJ Kidd Frost

This article took a look at some of the best Mexican rappers in the hip-hop industry. Rappers like Mr. Capone-E, Lil Rob, and others are among the best and my favourite Mexican rappers

Let me know in the comments who your favourite Mexican rapper is. Thanks for reading this far. Peace.