= Who is y’all top 5 rappers in the dmv as of right now =

Me personally it goes
Migo Lee
Smoke Chapo
Cruddymurda Hm: Ynv Greedy, Lil Sean (slept on), Jg riff
Semi Homie
Jg Riff
Migo Lee
MereRackz Honorable Mentions : JG riff ,Yee, Cartiearss, Gizwop
1.Jose,2 and 3. Glockjoness and KhiGlock (don’t like one more then the other),4.Savage and I dont have a 5th but I’ve been listening to a lot of giz lately
If mererackz and semi not in your top 3 ion kno what u listening to the numbers tell it all
SemiHomie last tape washope the producer Banddupp works with more DMV artists soon
Just got hip to the person imma name and I prolly feel like this because I’m 30 but PACO PANAMA the hardestin DC/PG bro spitting that real trap…I feel that’s the real sound of the dc metro
Nah paco hard fasho. I can hear a lot of Detroit inspiration in hisfasho
u fw my man Dada? my good man blo that’s iight he def need more exposure moreneed get hip to bra 💯
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