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Wus good Chiraqologists, I’m an innocent lil rapper from Queens, NYC (I was posting my music here around Thanksgiving and y’all was grilling myand I’m just curious. Just so I can get an image, How would y’all describe the Chi. You could go w the poll or you could just write it out and be as vivid as possible. I’m tryna see sum
Anybody that says “literal warzone” is fanned out and needs to go to an actual warzone in other countries

"Chicago’s murder rate is spiralling out of control. Killings in the Windy City have already surpassed the 500 mark this year[2015-2016], more than New York and Los Angeles combined. The city hasn’t experienced a single day without a homicide since February of last year and the murder rate is at a 20-year high. The majority of the victims are young black men from a small number of neighborhoods in the city

With an average of 12 people shot every day, shootings and homicides have become a grim normality for some residents. In 2015, 2,988 people were shot and 2016′s figure already stands at 2,949. In order to illustrate the sheer extent of violence in Chicago, a BBC report compared the number of deaths with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Literal warzoneon earth, dont go to Ravenswood or Lincoln Park
People overhype Chicago as the whole city itself as dangerous when really there’s just certain blocks that are. Not everyone is on that gang banging. The city be lit asf when it’s not onyou feel me?
Chicago is dangerous depending on the neighborhood. I made a post yesterday the whole northside of the chi has 1.1 mill ppl with 46 homicides. Compared to the Garfield park neighborhood on the Westside that has 30k ppl with 68 homicides
Pretty chill. People are friendly n. Never had any problems in or around Chi
You're lying. We're all trigga happy blood thirsty goons and goonettes. Come at your own risk😈
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