= My top 5 rappers from every decade =

This list is for when they were in their prime:
80s Rakim(better than everyone else from the 80s combined) Big daddy Kane Cool J(he’s bad, other rappers know, when he enter the set, they say “oh yo, there he go”) Slick Rick Eazy E, yes I know he didn’t write his stuff
90s Nas (The best rapper)Kool G rap 2Pac Ice cube (he’sof being treated like a step child)
00s Jay Z (He lost the Nas beef, stay mad) Eminem Kanye Ice Cube Nas (I can justify this if you want) HM: Andre 3k
10s Kendrick Lamar (by far) Kanye J cole ( He did not let Nas down) Doom Asap rocky
20s Nas (by a very good margin the best we’ve had this decade) JoeyKendrick Llama 🦙 R.A the rugged man J Cole
For reference my fav decades in order is 90s-10s-00s-80s-20s My top ten rappers:
Kendrick 🦙

Jay z
Kool G rap
2Pac 8.Eminem 9.Cube
Big daddy Kane
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