it was written has some of the best storytelling songs ever imo. I gave you power, The Set up, Shootouts, are all top 15 storytelling songs imo
I Seen a Man
I gotBleed top of the list, it's like a whole hardstory but then in the end he just randomly gives it a comic twist. And I love Beanie's "nothing to lose attitude like Ron from Arizona" reference in Keep Dealing

Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter's Daughter
Everyone’s list is gonna be different- still it opens it up for statements and convo - me? I do not agree with this list at all 😂
Bleed or I Gave You Power
Rewind or dance with the Devil
Da Art of Storytelling series by outkast
Lost boyz- renee
i gotta go w jesus lord 1
Basically all of GKMC but The Art If Peer Pressure in particular. Amazing track
I Got a Story to Tell