Clicked off the list when I saw dance with the devil was 49. You can say it’s edgy or whatever but it’s gotta be at least top 10

Good call. That's a classic

Yeah I know this is r/wutang but I came here to say the same thing, dance with the devil is an art piece

Love the fact slick Rick’s in there twice and then two other songs on the list are also essentially covers of his songs as well

they missvet

Stopping All Stations by the Hilltop Hoods is great. Not sure that it's my favorite, but it's underappreciated, so I wanted to make sure it gets named here

Stan Dance With the Devil Tearz by Wu tang Nothing is safe by Clipping

WuTang Forever, but this one I got to hand to Dead Prez’s “Animal in Man”, no question

Top 5%
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