= Your top 10 Madonna songs of all time? =

Here's mine:
Sky Fits Heaven
Pray for Spanish Eyes
Like A Prayer
The Power of Goodbye
Mother & Father
La Isla Bonita
Forbidden Love (COADF)
Dress You Up
In alphabetical order, since it was hard enough narrowing it down to just 10! A lot of these spoke to me at a time in my life when I needed to hear them. And I’ll Remember was used for a video montage when my beloved dog passed away a few months ago, so that one will always be up there as it will remind me of her. ❤️
Celebration (2009)
Crave (2019)
Erotica (1992)
Express Yourself (1989)
Falling Free (2012)
Give it 2 Me (2008)
Hung Up (2005)
I'll Remember (1994)
Living For Love (2014)
Vogue (1990)
holythis is hard! just so you know that it always changes, but this is mine at the moment lol hahaha

Sky Fits Heaven
Spanish Lesson
Drowned World/Subistue For Love
Ray Of Light
Nothing Really Matters
Dance 2night
Miles Away
i know this probrby going to be downvoted lol