= My Top 10 Best BTS Songs of All Time =

I just want to share my personal list, even though you all don't care. This songs are picked in the ocean of BTS's discography, in all genres and albums

I personally consider Love Maze as their best song yet. Run is a perfectly exquisite and raw sounding hip-hop track blended with pop (The production of this song is just near perfect). Listening to Mikrokosmos makes me imagine the sea of starlights and the night sky overall, which I can only fantasize about. Blood, sweat and Tears remains their most iconic song yet, this song is just a work of art, truly a masterpiece. Save Me is the best tropical house record I've listened to yet. Wings, is sophisticated and rich sounding EDM track, with an alluring rap passages, overall a great track. Dimple just sounds so cute and catchy at the same time. Best of Me, is a Title Track material and a great EDM song. We are Bulletproof the Eternal, is an inspiring and soulful pop ballad. Lastly, Converse high, its just a catchy and addictive song, added with rhythmic raps

Love Maze
BS and T
Save Me
Best of Me
Wab the Eternal
Converse High

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in no particular order i would say my faves are:
intro: nevermind
intro: what am i to you
we are bulletproof: the eternal
2nd grade
spring day
trivia: just dance
boyz with fun
ma city
and honorable mentions bc i have too many favorites: crystal snow, jump, am i wrong, mikrokosmos, singularity, paradise, people, joke, still with you, sweet night, blue side, everythingoes
Can I just say you have taste! Run is my favourite BTS song and Love Maze is underrated (everyone talks about Paradise being underrated but I feel like Love Maze is more so)

Nice to see someone appreciating a bit of their EDM sound. I love EDM so tracks like Best of Me, Stay and So What are right up my alley

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