= What are your actual top (favorite) 10 rap songs of all time? =

no meme swear
for me it's
Runaway - Kanye
Swimming Pools - Kendrick
B.D.E. Bonus - Mac Miller
Real Friends - Kanye
A Milli - Lil Wayne
I'm in it - Kanye
Star 67 - Drake
The Art of Peer Pressure - Kendrick
Devil in a New Dress - Kanye
No Tellin' - Drake
This list is basically based on the memories I have with these tracks I'm only 19 so I didn't start drinking/smoking til like 3 years ago so that's why there is not much old stuff, cus most the memories made were not sober lmao
For the top 3 I don't have to explain runaway being 1, and swimming pools is 2 because if you ever went to a party around the time that dropped you know why, and the BDE bonus just inspires me so much
Kanye- I can't even pick a favourite lol there are so many

Devin The Dude- Lacville '79
UGK (like literally all there songs but if I had to pick one) Diamonds & Wood
A Tribe Called Quest- We Got The Jazz
MF Doom- Rap Snitch Knishes
Quasimoto (or Madlib)- Low class Conspiracy
Death Grips- Takyon, Lord of the Game, or Hustle Bones
Nujabes- Ordinary Joe
People Under The Stairs- Acid Raindrops or The L.A. song
Jurassic 5- Quality Control
This list comes from the way I grew up and I got aof oldschoolin rotation Idoing this because after submitting this I thought of like 10 songs that can replace these. Anyway, we should do a top 10 mixtapes instead since we haven't done that on this sub that would be super interesting

I'm the same age. Top 10 is going to be tricky. It varies, but here..

Hey Mama
Heard Em Say
Blame Game
The Joy
Lollipop (Kanye West Remix)
Hiii Power (Kendrick)
Uptown (Drake)
Dyin To Live (2Pac and
Ali Bomaye (The Game)
Still Dre (Dr. Dre) BONUS: Illuminate (Ab Soul)
This isn't OFFICIAL, just what i can think of right now that made an impact on my left

Devil In A New Dress (Ye)
Vice City (Jay Rock)
Summertime (Vince Staples)
Matches (Mac Miller)
Good Grief (Flatbush Zombies)
Yesterday (Choo Jackson)
Collard Greens (Schoolboy Q)
Sacrifice (Cassey Veggies)
M.F.T.R. (Pusha T.)
Money Trees (Kendrick Lamar)
It changes, but this is what I have right now. Not in order

Mann very tough to make a list to narrow down for me but I did my best
Sir Michael Rocks - Bahamas
Big K.R.I.T. - Yesterday
Kanye West - Street Lights ("rap")
Nas - You're Da Man
Dom Kennedy - I Apologize
J. Cole - 2Face
Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me/I'm Dying Of Thirst
Big K.R.I.T. - Bigger Picture
Kanye West - New Slaves
Freddie Gibbs - Lakers
Honorable Mentions
Drake - Draft Day, J. Cole - Show Me Something, Masta Ace - Da Grind, Kendrick Lamar - How Much A Dollar Cost, Dom Kennedy - After School, Nas - Dance, Sir Michael Rocks - Alone
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