= Something straightforward: What are your top 10 favorite DT songs of all-time? =

Something I was thinking about recently that I haven't seen discussed in a while. Threads like this are always enjoyable for me. DT's discography is so varied that everyone has their own preferences, which makes seeing these answers interesting to me

Mine would go as follows:
In the Presence of Enemies
In the Name of God
Bridges in the Sky
Illumination Theory
At Wit's End
HMs: Metropolis Pt. 1, A Change of Seasons, Misunderstood, As I Am, Honor Thy Father, Lost Not Forgotten
repentance in top 10, nice, not that high for me but I like the appreciation
my top 10 off of top of head, not properly ranked
in the presence of enemies
six degrees of inner turbulence
the ministry of lost souls
the great debate
blind faith
the glass prison
trial of tears
anna lee
A Change Of Seasons
Wait For Sleep + Learning To Live
Finally Free
Take The Time
To Live Forever
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
The Count Of Tuscany
Kitchen + Lines In The Sand
Speak To Me
Bonus: Overture 1928, Only A Matter Of Time, Raise The Knife, Another Day, Metropolis - Part I, Under A Glass Moon, The Spirit Carries On, 6:00, Innocence Faded, The Mirror + Lie, Lifting Shadows Off A Dream, Scarred. Space-Dye Vest, Trial Of Tears, Fatal Tragedy, Through Her Eyes, The Glass Prison, Disappear, Stream Of Consciousness, Honor Thy Father, The Answer Lies Within, Panic Attack, Never Enough, In The Presence Of Enemies, Pt. 1 + 2, Wither, The Shattered Fortress, The Best Of Times, This Is The Life, Beneath The Surface, Illumination Theory, The Gift Of Music, A Life Left Behind, A New Beginning, Our New World, Pale Blue Dot, Transcending Time, A View from the Top of the World, etc..

I’m going with my top 11, since 10 and 11 are so close I can never pick between them

The Dance Of Eternity
A Change Of Seasons
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Fatal Tragedy
The Glass Prison
In The Presence Of Enemies
This Dying Soul
Learning To Live
Beyond This Life
Honorable mentions: Breaking All Illusions, Take The Time, Panic Attack
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