On September 15, Spotify revealed the top 30 most-streamed artists and tracks of their K-hip-hop playlist, ‘KrOWN.’ DPR LIVE, Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, and Epik High are on the top. Meanwhile, ASH ISLAND with
* ‘Melody’* top the list of most-streamed track

== Spotify K-Hip-Hop Playlist ‘KrOWN’ Most-Streamed Artists and Tracks ==
 Most-Streamed Artist of Spotify K-Hip-Hop Playlist, ‘KrOWN’ 

According to Spotify’s listening data from April 2017 – when KrOWN’s predecessor K-Hip-Hop +82 was launched – to July 2022, DPR LIVE, which currently has more than 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, topped the KrOWN playlist

Following DPR LIVE, Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, and Epik High were ranked second to fifth, while ZICO, ASH ISLAND, BLOO, Loco, and CHANGMO took the sixth to tenth places in order

In addition, K-hip-hop artists, including punchnello, YUMDDA, Coogie, Leellamarz, and GRAY, were included in the top 30 most-streamed artists of KrOWN

 Most-Streamed Track of Spotify K-Hip-Hop Playlist, ‘KrOWN’ 

Spotify also unveiled the most streamed K-hip-hop tracks of KrOWN. ASH ISLAND, who was selected for Spotify’s global rising artist support program “RADAR” last year, topped the top 30 list with his song “Melody,” while his other song “Error (Feat. Loopy)” was ranked fifth

The second to fourth places were swept by DPR LIVE‘s “Jasmine,” Epik High‘s “Rosario (Feat. CL, ZICO and BIBI‘s “KAZINO.”
In addition, rapper pH-1 proved his global popularity with three of his songs – “365&7 (Feat. JAMIE “Nerdy Love (Feat. Baek Yerin). and “Oscar” collaborated with BIGGSoul, and Jay Park, ranking 13th, 16th, and 24th respectively. Furthermore, Mirani’s “Daisy,” featuring pH-1, was also ranked 17th

 Spotify Is Committed to Promote the Energy of K-Hip-Hop 
“To celebrate the rebranding of Spotify’s flagship South Korean hip-hop playlist KrOWN, we have decided to reveal the streaming data of the playlist and shed light on various Korean hip-hop artists who have made meaningful accomplishments. Spotify will continue to support diverse K-hip-hop artists to gain attention from global fans and promote the energy, sound, and culture of K-hip-hop more widely.”Spotify spokesperson

Meanwhile, Spotify has released key streaming data with its announcement of the KrOWN rebranding. The playlist had been streamed over 20 million times within last year, and K-hip-hop music has been streamed more than 13.1 billion times on Spotify as of July this year. In addition to KrOWN, Spotify continues to present its K-hip-hop editorial playlists, including TrenChill K-Hip Hop, K’illin’, From Bottom to Top, and Jazzy Hip-Hop

 Spotify Global K-Hip-Hop Playlist ‘KrOWN’ Top Lists: 
 TOP 30 KrOWN Artists List 

- Jay Park
- pH-1
- Sik-K
- Epik High
- Loco
- punchnello
- Coogie
- Leellamarz
- GroovyRoom
- Mirani
- lIlBOI
- Wonstein
- Woo
- Simon Dominic
- nafla
- Kid Milli
- Jessi
- BewhY
- BE’O
 TOP 30 KrOWN Tracks List 

- “Jasmine” – DPR LIVE
- “Rosario (Feat. CL, ZICO)” – Epik High
- “Error (Feat. Loopy)” – ASH ISLAND
- “Downtown Baby” – BLOO
- “STAY THE NIGHT (Feat. DeVita)” – GRAY
- “Being left (Feat. Dvwn)” – ZICO
- “Flower (Feat. Jay Park, Woo, GIRIBOY) – CODE KUNST
- “VVS (Feat. JUSTHIS) (Prod. GroovyRoom) – Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, MUSHVENOM
- “City Life” – GroovyRoom, Leellamarz
- “365&7 (Feat. JAMIE)” – pH-1
- “NUNU NANA” – Jessi
- “ENGINE (Prod. by CODE KUNST)” – Jay Park, Woo
- “Nerdy Love (Feat. Yerin Baek)” – pH-1
- “Daisy (feat. pH-1) – Mirani
- “FRIENDS” – lIlBOI, Wonstein
- “doodle (Feat. Yerin Baek) (Prod. by WOOGIE)” – punchnello
- “Late Night” – Loco, GRAY
- “23” – punchnello, Sam Kim
- “End of the World (Feat. GSoul)” – Epik High
- “Drama” – BLOO
- “Oscar” – pH-1, GSoul, BIGJay Park
- “DARLING (Feat. Crush)” – Sik-K
- “Why do u say (Feat. ASH ISLAND, Moon Sujin)” – Way Ched
- “Duracell (Feat. Byung Un)” – Kid Milli
- “Summer(Feat. Rain)” – ZICO
- “Sigh (Feat. GIRIBOY)” – BIG
- “Jam & Butterfly (Feat. Crush, Eaj)” – DPR LIVE