= [/r/AA Monthly Music Thread] [Spring Edition] [Mar-Apr.2015] [Spotlight Artist - Ta-Ku] (Electronic, Hip-Hop, Trap, Alternative) =

Ta-ku, Within just 4 years of operation in his chosen field, Regan ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews, from Perth, Australia has evolved from a self-taught student of music into a scholar of progressive beat production, cultivating a unique sound that has since resonated to all corners of the globe. As an astute observer of the melodic elements of soul music and the percussive elements of hip-hop, Ta-Ku takes influence from pioneering beatsmiths such as J Dilla, 9th Wonder, and DJ Premier. - Last.fm
Interview w/ Ta-Ku @5to9life
Track Spotlight: [Ta-ku x Jaden Smith - Beast Mode]
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Feb.2015 Jun Seba / Nujabes (Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop Japan)
Jan.2015 - Tokimonsta (Electronica/Hip-Hop, USA)
Dec.2015 - Tim Be Told (Pop/Rock/Gospel/R&B, USA)
Nov.2014 - Mitchell Grey (Alt./R&B/Indie Pop/NYC)
Oct.2014 - Bodyslam (Rock/Alternative/Thailand)
Sept.2014 - MC Jin (Rap/Hip-Hop/USA & Hong Kong
[Aug.2014 - Magnetic North (Rap/Hip-Hop/USA)]