= [/r/AA Monthly Music Thread] [Sept.2014] [Spotlight Artist - MC Jin (Rap/Hip-Hop/USA & Hong-Kong] =

**SPOTLIGHT ARTIST FOR SEPTEMBER 2014 **MC Jin** "first American solo rapper of East Asian and Hong Kong descent to be signed to a major hip hop record label"
Jin's FreeStyle Friday Battles on BET 106&Park
Jin - Learn Chinese (2003)
MSG PodCast, Eddie Huang Interviews MC Jin
[Let's continue our music discussions, sharing of our favorite artists non-asian / asian-american / asian, tracks on billboard top 100 that we have on repeat, our critiques on popular music, comments on the highlighted artist of the month, our personal musical artistry, and anything music related etc.]
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I don't know how big this sub is on roots/reggae music, butgrowing up where I did, it'severywhere. I do have to say though, I didn't really start to enjoy it until I got baked for the first time

On that note, some of my favorite artists and songs in this genre

Rebelution - Safe and Sound
Soja - Decide You're Gone
Common Kings - Wade in Your Water
Now what I've been bumping lately. I've had this track on repeat for awhile

Recent Eddie Huang interview with Jin, he speaks about and upcoming album "14:59" set for a October 19th, 2014 release

Been listening to a lot of hardstyle and Jazz/Hip-Hop instrumentals recently along with aof other genres. For some reason, hardstyle bootlegs are the only way I ever find out about these generic house/pop sounding songs from big artists like Zedd and etc Any who, check it out

Kenichiro Nishihara - Serendipity
Say Lou Lou - Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)
Witness - Farewell [Nujabes Tribute]
3LAU - How You Love Me feat. Bright Lights (Shockwave Bootleg)
Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - Dark Horse (Interfearence