= [TOMT] [Song(s)] Famously used violin crescendo to indicate love/romance in movies and TV Shows, also sampled at the beginning of a recent Hip Hop song? =

Okay so this is a two part TOMT but hopefully it will just double my odds of somebody recognizing it

I'm looking for the name of a very famous violin piece/crescendo that is played in movies and TV shows to show characters usually falling in love, etc. I found a recent example from early 2000s TV Show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (clipped here: httpsyoutu.be/NfZK2O4_xjs)
I swear I've heard this hundreds of times, but I'm not sure if it's part of a real classical piece or just 'romantic violin' sound effect

Secondarily, I could swear that exact crescendo (if I'm using that correctly, the sequence of ascending notes) was used in a recent Hip Hop song as an intro that's cut short by static and then the first verse starts

Any help is appreciated!
I was looking through other Reddit Posts/YouTube comments, it's not 1 Train , Gimmie Some More or THAT'S THAT (all great songs though RIP DOOM)
I don't think it's sampled throughout the song like the examples in another thread, pretty sure it's just the intro build up
Found it because it's used in Gummy by Brockhampton and whosampled lists it

Scratch that, it comes from EastWest Sounds Scoring Tools, it's called "80 Lets 60". Part of an audio library

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