= We are OZOMATLI, a multi Grammy-winning band together 27 years making songs you know and love from latin to hip hop and everything else in between. From the labor dispute protest, to the summer music festival, to that 90s Drew Barrymore movie, we bring the music. AMA! =

We are Grammy-winning Ozomatli and our 9th studio album ‘Marching On’ just dropped. This is Uli Bella, founding member (sax/vocals). At times the line-up has changed in the last 27 years (Chali 2na, Cut Chemist, etc), but we’ve been a band from Los Angeles since 1995 and have been lucky enough to win 3 Grammys, served as official US Cultural Ambassadors, given the honor of Ozomatli Day (April 23) by the City of LA, and continue to make music and give back to our local communities as much as possible

Listen to the new album featuring Cypress Hill’s B-Real, J.J. Fad and Lisa Lisa and more here

PROOF: httpsi.redd.it/v6q2hwqabgc91.png
All of us in the band have a deep love for the music from the JA.i personally played in a ska band named Yeska that had the opportunity to play with many Jamaican legends.Skatalites,Desmond Dekkerthe influence of Jamaican music is a huge piece to the Ozomatli sound.with Non stop we got the chance to work with Sly and Robbie which really pushed the whole project to a another level. Never been kissed was a blast to be a part ofDrew Barrymore is super cool and for years after she always sent the band Christmas cards

We have seen the industry changed several times in our career.when when we were signed it (1996) it was at the tail end of when record companies were still making a profit of CD salesso pre Internet.our first advance was a healthy amount of money compared to what artists get now.artist development and tour support was still a thing in the music business.now everything has changed

Uli, No question really, 🤣 Love the band and can’t count how many times I’ve seen you all over the years…Portsmouth, NH Music Hall with like 20 people in attendance was my first live taste! Had the chance to meet and hang with some of you along the way too..I think we met in Fort Worth, TX at a festival. Stoked to see you in Eugene this Saturday!

Not a question, but I first saw and heard y’all at a Santana concert in Michigan when I was a kid - your drum line down through the stands and into your set absolutely rocked my world. I’ve been a lifeline fan ever since, and I carry that memory and your music with me. Thank you for doing what you do
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