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= flacko got 3 new plaqueslove to see it! frat rules is my top 10 hip hop song of all time for me! and excuse me lit af🔥🔥 =

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Surprised there is no Praise the Lord update, pretty sure last time it was certified double platinum in 2019. it's been 3 years and that song has still been popular. surely that's like 4x platinum now - no way it's got the same certification as LSD. unless those praise the lord streams and views are from other countries more so than the US. It was a global hit afterall
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most rocky songs dont make the Billboard to be fair, I think promotion is not good but over time the fans continue to the play the songs and then the general public catch on. Sundress almost has 300m streams and that didn't make the Hot 100. then you got a song like Trollz from 6ix and Nicki that went #1 with half the streams of Sundress

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