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 A Frontline View of the Recent Terror in Israel 
Over the weekend, I spent the day with my sister, Karin. She is staying with her husband Yakov in Lod for the summer with their..

 Tel Aviv Is One of the Greatest Cities in the World 
When you visit Tel Aviv, you will feel a joy for life. This city is more alive than my beloved New York City has been..

 We Cannot Be Indifferent to CUNY Antisemitism 
With New York City in a sad state of affairs, there’s a lot ofto be passed around. Now, against a backdrop of rising antisemitism..

 Examining the Fight for Israel at the United Nations 
Danny Danon, who formerly served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations and now serves as Chairman of the World Likud, has just released a..

 Despite Worldwide Lies, Israel Has Truth on Its Side 
For a very long time, I thought that Israel’s public relations problems were a major issue for the Jewish state. But as I get older

 More Antisemitism at Harvard 
Last month, in a report sent to the United Nations, a clinic at Harvard Law School deemed Israel to be an “an apartheid regime.” Now

 Reflections on a Return to Israel 
After two years of not visiting Israel due to COVID-19, I spent 10 days in Israel during Passover. There were so many special things, special..

 Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s Passover Message 
With Passover approaching, it is timely to revisit Zionist ideologue Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s Passover message. Jabotinsky wrote about Passover in an article titled, "Four Sons," which..

 Israel Will Respond Strongly to Palestinian Terror 
Although Israel is under constant attack, the nation is united in vowing to eradicate Palestinian terrorism. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has said: “If someone attacks with..

 Will Israel Reduce Foreign Aid After Ukraine War? 
Despite any past troubles between Ukraine and its Jewish community, the free world must rally around Ukraine. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently met with..

 Russian Invasion of Ukraine Proves Israel Can Only Rely on Israel 
Just like that, the world is a different place -- and there are scary times ahead. Like many Jews praying for Ukraine, I also worry..

 What I Miss About Israel 
This week (finally!) the Israeli government is expected to announce an end to restrictions on tourism to Israel. I haven’t been to Israel in over..

 Here’s Some PR Advice for Israel 

This week, Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned that Israel will face intense campaigns to label it an apartheid state in 2022. Against that backdrop, Public..

 Lighting The World’s Largest Menorah 
It was very special to be joined by my children to light the world's largest menorah celebrating Hanukkah this week. The menorah is 32 feet