**What is Legal PR**
Legal PR, or litigation public relations, is the description for what our lawsuit communications experts do when they are hired by a law firm to manage the communications process during a legal dispute. Red Banyan’s media relations team has experience working with law firms and will outline a legal PR strategy that will get you the results you seek and place your organization in the best light possible

Did you know that litigators and public relations share common ground? For one thing, we are both professionals when it comes to the art of persuasion. But it goes deeper than that. Our legal PR agency has a staff of experts who are ready to protect all aspects of your brand so that your company’s hard-won reputation remains untarnished

Our crisis communications professionals know how important it can be to establish close ties with your lawyers to give you a fighting chance to get through the storm you didn’t see coming. We join forces with your legal counsel and use our extensive brand protection experience to give you the best results possible

**Why Use A Legal PR Agency
If you’re wondering why you should use a litigation PR firm, it is important to understand how dicey court cases can get. Enlisting the help of Red Banyan’s legal PR team will give you an edge that others may not have. We can engage full-time with the press when your lawyer is busy working on your case

We know how to interface with the media because many of our staffers are former journalists. Our law firm PR experts know how to direct media coverage to shine a light on important facts at the right time to achieve the best result. Our extensive media relations training allows us to work seamlessly with the press so that your side of the story gets the attention it deserves. And because we work hand-in-hand with your legal team, the end result is more effective, more powerful and more likely to drive results

Our litigation PR examples cover a wide range of situations and players. In one instance, Red Banyan restored the online reputation of an individual who was wrongly maligned and then exposed the bad actor who caused the problems. In another instance we represented a litigant who sought to expose an organization’s illegal behavior. Red Banyan’s legal PR consultants helped expedite the legal process by threatening to expose bad behavior. Our skilled PR experts are enlisted in some cases to settle cases quickly

**Legal Public Relations**

Red Banyan’s legal PR professionals know how to turn the tide in your favor, whether that means media coverage with bylined news articles, television interviews or space in relevant trade publications. We can audit your organization’s website and find ways to optimize it or create blogs

Our lawsuit communications professionals can increase your visibility among your target audiences and develop a strategic media relations plan that will help you when you’re the focus of media attention. We regularly assist large and small law firms with the clients’ crisis PR situations

We are ready to help with everything from media training to messaging. The experienced members of our legal PR agency understand that public perception is complicated and potentially devastating for the client

Red Banyan provides communications that deliver concrete outcomes. The personal reputation management team at Red Banyan will identify which keywords are affected and figure out how consumers are searching for your organization online. Our ORM experts will monitor and react in a timely manner to all negative mentions so you can take control of your organization’s reputation on search engine result pages

We will also add more quality content to your core pages so that your organization has a better chance of improving its online reputation

**PR For Lawyers**
Attorneys are busy people who barely have time to build their cases, let alone engage full-time with the media. As a result, many savvy law firms enlist the help of Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts so that we can interface regularly with the media

Our legal PR agency works closely with law firms on a daily basis. Our seasoned crisis communications experts are frequently called in for litigation PR support. In other instances, the PR professionals at Red Banyan provide PR guidance. We are typically retained by in-house counsel or the law firm that is representing the client

We succeed by pressing the truth. Sometimes our litigation experts assist victims of online attacks and character slurs. Other times, our legal PR experts use media relations to garner coverage and expose bad actors

**How Legal PR Works**
Press the Truth is our motto at Red Banyan and it’s what keeps our legal PR team focused and on-point. A frivolous lawsuit can contain lies about almost anything and can wreak havoc if the media reports on the lawsuit. Misleading press releases with inaccurate information can also cause significant damage to your online reputation if they are picked up by news outlets

When someone searches online for your brand, you want the results to be positive. Poor page results from an online search can harm your business. The SEO experts at Red Banyan can audit your organization’s online presence and propose effective ways to produce better results. No business wants to lose organic search traffic

You also don’t want negative search results to have a damaging effect on your company. That’s why it’s important to understand what is being said about your brand online and take control of any negative narratives as soon as possible so your company doesn’t lose market value or future business opportunities. Job seekers will also steer clear of a company with a poor online reputation, so there is a lot at stake

The consequences of legal action can be significant, and Red Banyan plays a key role by working in close collaboration with your legal counsel to achieve the best possible outcome.