= Mar-a-Lago: New Trump Legal Doc Reads Like a 'PR Filing,' Experts Say =

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Should a special master be appointed, Trump's filing argued "it would be appropriate for the special master to possess a Top Secret/SCI security clearance" -- an implicit admission of the top-level classification markings on the documents

So someone with a clearance needs to review the highly classified documents to see if those documents can be returned to the person without any clearance. Sound logic

He's a civilian with zero security clearance

is he doing with
*any* of those documents

AND he's not running for office in November so the DOJ should proceed with all haste

He whines about his lack of clearance and executive privilege in the filing calling Joe mean
“The convoluted theory, which appears to be that the Biden administration will not allow President Trump to assert executive privilege and consequently he has “no right” to possess Presidential documents, and that, therefore, he has no standing to object to their seizure, is contrary to the well- established doctrine of standing.”

You should give it a perusal, not because there's anything legally meritorious in the filings, but because the language Trump's lawyers are using reads more like a Fox News blurb than a legal filing

Here's a link. (PDF) You don't have to read the whole thing, in fact you don't have to read the majority of it, the handful of sentences you randomly choose will be indicative of everything else

You'll read a paragraph or two, get a laugh at the immaturity and unprofessionalism, and then realize that there's eighteen more pages of it

I don't know Trump's lawyers, but it almost sounds like they wrote it and then Donald Trump made revisions with a red Sharpie

"The search and seizure of alleged government documents at former President Trump's home was an unconstitutional violation of his privacy rights."
Trump: "Oh no, this is, like, very bad!"
"The (VERY UNKIND) search and seizure of (
WRONGLY) alleged government documents at ~~former~~President Trump's (LUXURIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL) home was an ( VERY) unconstitutional (AND UN ) violation of his privacy rights () violation of his privacy rights ( FAIRBY SLEEPY JOE BIDEN, KAMALA HAIRBALL, AND THE HILLAY CLINTON/DEMOCRAT PARTY
Trump: "Perfect."
Thank you for the link

Through this entire saga, I've truly enjoyed perusing Trump's filings

They are hilarious! I just end up busting out laughing at the incredible absurdity of it all

Of course, these tears of joy will turn into tears of dismay should the judiciary give any credence to this nonsense

Nonetheless, this isn't only a PR stunt. This is a master class in how to ignore the blatantly obvious to squawk about irrelevant details. It's profoundly good PR, in that perspective, even as much as it isfrom a legal perspective. For example, there two zingers on the second page. First, somehow Biden is in the wrong not only for having precluded Trump the ability to exert executive privilege but for daring to suggest that he
*can* do such a thing. This is so bass-ackwards, it's flabbergasting. Next, all the the government's arguments are dismissed because this was a home invasion. There is no admission that a search warrant even existed

The response of this judge is going to be very interesting and rather telling

Wow. Calling out the judge in the first sentence and telling them they’re bad at their job. Beautiful. Now I can’t wait to read the judge’s ruling

Typos as early as page two. Going well

“as more described in more detail below”
It was only a matter of time that the most litigious President in history ended up suing the entire country

The opening paragraph is more like a social media post

“Three weeks after an unprecedented, unnecessary, and legally unsupported raid on the home of a President—and possibly a candidate against the current chief executive in 2024—the Government, represented by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the United States Attorney’s Office, has filed an extraordinary document with this Court, suggesting that the DOJ, and the DOJ alone, should be entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating its unjustified pursuit of criminalizing a former President’s possession of personal and Presidential records in a secure setting.”
Trump only skims the first paragraph so his lawyers made sure to put the good stuff at the beginning
You can tell Trump dictated this language, couldn’t even bring himself to refer to Biden as President. Instead “chief executive” but has no problem using President when describing himself

I’m no intelligence document scientist but a storage room by the pool doesn’t sound like a secure setting

Because it is. He stole our secrets and sold them or used them for blackmail and bribes. It's an airtight case. And he knows it

Every single thing he's done since he was caught has been PR. There's no point in a legal case, he already lost that. So he's trying to get MAGA as primed for violence as possible. That's his way out, and his only way out

A "PR Filing" from the OAN anchor that pretends to be a lawyer? Pffftnext you're going to tell me trump says the classified material belonged at Mar a Lardo

What a shitshow
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