= PR and legal disasters President Nelson has to deal with from just the last few weeks. =

Australia legal investigation around suspicious charitable activities may affect tax status of church and members there

Judge throws out $250 million share of BSA settlement

5th Sunday combined message on missionaries seems to have alienated more people

Mormonism Live! Episode demonstrates level of how coercive the church messaging is
AP drops story calling out church for protecting CSA abusers

Mormon Stories puts out episode revealing toxic messaging and coercion around missionary service real bombshells from bednar, Holland and mexico mission coercion
Is rusty even aware this is happening? My TBM wife sure isn't
Honestly I'd be shocked if they actually know. The TBMs in my life all (ironically enough, I suppose) tend to not be interested in general news at all. And if they saw thatattempt at an excuse on the church's instagram post they'd likely think that's good enough. Whatever explanation that the church provides is all they need
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