We're proud to be celebrating our 20th birthday. Thanks to all the wonderful delegates who have helped to make training with Big Fish so rewarding and such fun since 2001

In 2022's new normal, Big Fish offers both virtual and face-to-face training. Whether you are learning at home or in a group, we deliver courses that makes a real difference in the workplace via training that is practical, relevant, enjoyable and always interactive

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*Beating Burnout*
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Crikey, life is exhausting at the moment, isn't it? If you feel that you're on the verge of burnout, then please join us to find out ways to feel better. Sign up to attend our next free lunchtime webinar on Fri 30th Sep

Our trainer Sarah explores the murky world of procrastination. Watch the free webinar recording

A 60 minute bitesize webinar for agency staffers who are having to manage their workloads from home

Don't have time for our deep-dive training courses? We've developed a series of webinars to provide quick, cost-effective training.