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Stock market communication is intended to ensure transparency on the capital markets. Investors have a legitimate interest in what is happening in the company and in management decisions; the company has an interest in clarifying its own positions. Essential parts of the more >

Companies from various sectors are increasingly using sponsorship as a communication tool. In sport, at cultural events as well as in the ecological, social and media areas, people, projects, institutions and audiovisual programs are given targeted support, as well as their own more >

One can look at public relations from many perspectives: very broadly defined as any kind of interest-based communication towards the public, more narrowly as a form of organizational communication or even as part of a social system in which PR plays the role of peaceful more >

The concept of ethno-marketing is the design of all of a company's relationships with a target group that differs from the majority of the population in a country due to historical, cultural and linguistic circumstances. The differences can affect psychographic more >