= [For Hire] Professional Marketing and PR services =

Hello Guys Whether you have just began or tired of being scammed by some people who think all crypto managers areyou have my word that this stop will add some value to your project

I am here to help you out with all your marketing needs accross the various platforms(including Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, 4chan, Instagram, Website Traffic, Quora, Medium, Coinshunt, Coinsniper or any other that you may prefer) with guaranteed huge reach among relevant audience to increase awareness and sales, implementation of professional strategies like guerrilla marketing, best-in-class Telegram moderators, Search Engine Optimized crypto content(10 cents a word and worth every penny) and much more at reasonable rates

This is not the case where one guy takes control of all the tasks and you get to see the job lacking in certain or many aspects. We are talking about a team with respective professionals having years of experience for each task

The charges vary with the tasks however for the subreddit rules, the services start from as low as $30

Be it cryptomoonshot posts, or raiding the net with boosted posts, professionalposts and much more

Feel free to ask for any samples or full details of the service you need in DM

Thanks a lot

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