= If you are interested in KOSS disclosing DRS numbers to the public, you may want to consider emailing their investor relations to let them know =

Every 3 months, KOSS puts out a 10-Q report. KOSS could easily include the DRS numbers like GME does (see below). KOSS email info I found online is: [email protected]
KOSS is a small family business and I believe that just a handful of emails from passionate Koss shareholders could have a big impact. Keep in mind that public companies are not allowed to disclose shareholder owership that is held in street name with brokers, BUT they are allowed to communicate with and report ownership from their transfer agent regarding direct registered shares

For reference, here is how GameStop worded it on their last 10Q. There will be another update tomorrow as that's when their 10-Q comes out

"As of April 30, 2022, 12.7 million shares of our Class A common stock were directly registered with our transfer agent."
You can see it here at the bottom of page 10:
This is not financial advice

Great idea! I have a position and am bullish on KOSS :) This would go a long way to encourage locking the float and revealing

I do remember reading though one theory about why GME had to disclose DRS. It reached a certain % of the float and thus counted as a group or type of investor (think it was 5% or 10%) I think what would then force KOSS to do the same is initiating as much DRS as possible and if we reach 5% or 10% then they would probably have to do the same yes?
I know their first disclosure was 5 million shares out of around 78 million, so it could have been 5% but definitely wasn’t 10

I tried contacting Mr. Koss through LinkedIn awhile back with no luck

I went ahead and emailed him now as well as put in a request with their contact form

Will let you guys know if I hear anything back

We’ll done. I’ve contacted around 10 companies I own and only had 1 response so far (it wasn’t Koss for what it’s worth). I’m putting a master list together of every public company and will be contacting them all separately. If I had to guess I won’t get a response from 90% or more, but I’ll have that data by year end

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