= Call me. I had the choice on acquiring 4eth or 100,000 hbar. I went with HBAR even though the merge was successful I couldn’t pass on the tech . Though the public relations department is bad I think the tech will keep hbar in the game =

That is a very reasonable thought. Would be very interesting to read those comments along with these
The PR is great - we're just not their target audience. Hedera is an enterprise grade solution and their PR is B2B focused. The calibre of the governing council is the best example of this

As token holders in the general public, really we're just along for the ride

I'd make the same call. HBAR has nowhere to go but up, and ETH could just as easily go down from here as up. Of course, you are going to get a lot of agreement in this sub. : )
This is a very interesting post, I'm glad you put it out there. Quite interested to read the responses. Much obliged
PR isn't bad, but they are careful and restricted in what they can do from a legal and regulatory perspective

That's why I make sure to let people know, "it's open sourced" ,and. "it's more decentralized, due to being run by 20+ fortune 500 corporation instead of 1 corporation or person" in additin to the technical aspects

I know the hedera team cannot step in, in all cases due to legal liability. But we can. I like to make sure I correct the main arguments in the crypto currency main fourm

Good choice smart people in eth bought the rumor and sold the news. Eth is over priced now and is gonna crash I believe
Thanks guys. Don’t get me wrong I kept some eth as my swing trade for the future. Hedera just checks so many boxes on a good crypto currency that I had to go against the grain and fill my bag. I’m hoping they don’t get waxed by the sec but they seem safer then most. I also don’t mind averaging down if hbar goes to .01 :)
Good ser. You arefor not acquiring 200k HBAR. /s
They dont want a lawsuit from the SEC. Superior tech will prevail rest assured.