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*"Either you are willing to break the law for politics and Mr. Trump or you're some kind of a Forrest Gump related to corruption *Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) to Corey Lewandowski* **The House Judiciary Committee held its first official impeachment hearing Tuesday with President Trump’s former campaign manager/inveterate sleaze ** **Corey Lewandowski**He was…not cooperative. But he did confirm some of the most damning details in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and incriminated Trump in other ways. Here’s a rundown. **Why did Democrats seek Lewandowksi’s testimony Mainly because Trump pressured Lewandowski to help him obstruct Mueller’s investigation, and Democrats want to confirm Mueller’s obstruction findings. But also because Trump has attempted to obstruct Congress’s impeachment investigation, which is itself an impeachable offense. Lewandowski had a choice: testify about Trump’s criminal behavior, or refuse to testify and bolster the case that Trump should be impeached for obstructing Congress. **What actually happened Lewandowski, with the support of the committee’s Republicans, behaved like a sneeringfor hours and hours. But his testimony was useful at times:
He confirmed that Trump recruited him to instruct then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withdraw his recusal from the Russia investigation—one of 11 potentially obstructive acts Mueller detailed

He also confirmed that Trump told him to tell Sessions he was fired, if Sessions refused to meet with him

He refused to answer scores of other questions about his interactions with Trump, including questions about potentially criminal behavior, citing Trump’s claim of executive privilege. But executive privilege doesn’t apply to non-executive branch employees, and it can’t be invoked to conceal crimes

Under brutal cross-examination by Democrats’ staff counsel, Lewandowski essentially admitted to being a serialand let on that he’d demanded and received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his cooperation with Mueller. (Seriously, you gotta watch this, starting at 3:04:10.)
**Why does this matter Because the obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller report is impeachable, and, as Chairman Jerrold Nadler noted, “Article III of the Nixon impeachment was based on this kind of obstruction of Congress by President Nixon.” **What did we learn If you watch mainstream news coverage of the hearing, you’ll learn that it was a “partisan” or “chaotic” spectacle. It’s depressing that many reporters will ignore substance and fixate on “optics,” even when the hearing pertains to potentially impeaching the president. But the hearing succeeded in establishing two impeachable offenses—including obstruction of Congress. Trump can only obstruct his way out of being impeached now if House Democrats ultimately decide that they are OK with his assault on their institution. **The Trump administration will ** **formally revoke California’s authority to set stricter limits on auto pollution** ** than the federal government California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra says the state will defend its emissions standards. **Last summer, the Trump administration announced it would roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards along with a waiver that has allowed California to set its own higher standards for decades. Thirteen other states have adopted California’s increased standards, and thissummer four major automakers signed a deal to comply with California’s standards even if the Trump administration rolls back the official limits. Tailpipe pollution is the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the Trump administration couldn’t care less. **Vote for people who do** → httpsvotesaveamerica.com **Lovett or Leave It** ** is back in Los Angeles after an amazing show at Radio City, and guess what It's only getting better, people. This week the show will come to you LIVE from a new venue—The Comedy Store—with guests Sasheer Zamata and Sean Rameswaram. **The ** **Justice Department has sued Edward Snowden** ** for violating non-disclosure agreements he signed with both the CIA and NSA** in his new book. The government seeks to recover Snowden’s portion of the proceeds from the book, which will presumably be higher thanks to its lawsuit. **Experts believe GM’s profits will ** **drop by $50-100 million per day** ** as long as the United Auto Workers strike continues and workers will only be paid $250 per week in strike wages until the strike is over. **Veteran journalist ** **Cokie Roberts died at age 75** ** due to complications from breastShe was a bestselling author, three-time Emmy Award winner, and was known for her work as a Washington reporter with NPR and later ABC News. **Over six percent of women age 18-44 say their firstexperience was ** **forced or coerced intercourse in their early teens**according to government health surveys conducted between 2011 and 2017. That means the data predates the #MeToo movement, which has had a profund impact on public perception of consent andassault, suggesting the true numbers could be even higher. **Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will endorse Marie Newman**a progressive candidate who has launched a primary against Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL a Blue Dog, conservative Democrat. He reacted to the development poorly! **Hong Kong asked eight different international public relations firms to ** **help rehab its image** after its citizens mounted months of pro-democracy protests. All of them said no. **Netflix will replace ** **The Office** ** and ** **Friends** ** with ** **Seinfeld**starting in 2021 From Priyanka: Someone make a *Seinfeld* joke, I’m too young for this. ← From Brian: NO PAYCHECK FOR YOU!
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